Enjoy reunion with a Reunion Imperial High Tea at Tian Fu Tea Room!


Tian Fu Tea Room is where you will be welcomed by a cozy Chinese tea house ambience for that enjoyable and peaceful afternoon tea. As a person who is from Sichuan, China, I was not only impressed by the authenticity of the tea, but also the combination of delicious dim sums that are an excellent complement. On top of the dim sum items paired with three premium Chinese brews for this Lunar New Year High Tea Set, there will also be the yearly Chinese tradition of yusheng (鱼生) customizable with the number of diners in the party. The dim sum items of this year include: Salted Egg wrapped with Sliced Duck, Grilled Spicy Eel with Sichuan Pepper Sauce, Steamed Crystal Dumpling with Prawn, Steamed Fish Balls with Black Moss, Deep-fried Crispy Puff with minced Prawn, Fried Rice with Waxed Meat wrapped in Lotus Leaf, Pan-fried new Year Cake, Glutinous Rice Balls in Chinese Rice Wine. Ready to have a journey through these traditional Chinese delicacies?



Start of with the traditional Yusheng which allows everyone to toss in the prosperity for this Lunar New Year. As a highlight of every Chinese New Year gathering, this dish adds to the festive mood.


After the Yu Sheng, tuck in to the Salted Egg wrapped with Sliced Duck. Specially prepared with ginger, garlic and peppercorns that is infused into the meat for a slightly noticeable Sichuan flavor, the duck is then wrapped with with cooked salted egg yolk and steamed. Unlike other more distinct Sichuan dishes, it does not have a very heavy taste. The most enjoyable part of this is the mixed texture of the salted egg yolk and the tender, steamed duck meat. A very good starter of the high tea indeed!


The Grilled Spicy Eel with Sichuan Pepper Sauce is a personal favourite. Soaked in slightly spicy Sichuan Chilli Oil, the eel fully absorbed the essential spices for a delectable, hearty flavour. A highly recommended dim sum to enjoy.


It is a good complement with a Sichuan Long Jing (Green Tea).


Up next is the Steamed Crystal Dumpling with Prawn. Prawn and spinach are wrapped in this beautiful semi-transparent dumpling skin. Made from a special type of flour, the dumpling skin is slightly chewy. The fresh prawn fillings give a firm and satiable bite.


Traditional fish balls are handmade and steamed with the black moss for this dish of Steamed Fish Ball with Black Moss. The Black Moss (Fa Cai) is homophonic with prosperity in Chinese, a perfect delight for the Chinese New Year.


Notably, this dish of Deep-fried Crispy Puff with minced Prawn and its multi-layered fried puff skin is a favourite around the table. The refreshing scent of minced prawn and coriander is both appealing and tasty.



For this serving of Fried Rice with Waxed Meat wrapped in Lotus Leaf, fragrant rice is mixed with waxed meat and wrapped in the lotus leaf before being steamed. The waxed meat is pre-cooked Cantonese style for a slightly sweetened flavor. A filling dim sum that goes well with Chinese tea.


Shaped like the ancient Chinese gold ingot, the Pan-fried New Year Cake signifies great fortune in the coming year! The New Year rice cake is mixed with red sugar that gives rise to its special color that resembles gold and also its extra sweetness.


This dish of Glutinous Rice Balls in Chinese Rice Wine comes with a colorful presentation of the glutinous rice ball. The four colours are meant for the four happy moments in the coming year. I especially like the rice wine which was specially treated with Osmanthus petals that allow the flowery scent to permeate.

This is the place that I would really recommend for spending time with family or friends to enjoy tea and nice dim sum together. My favourite dim sum is the Grilled Spicy Eel with Sichuan Pepper Sauce, it is a must-try. The Reunion Imperial High Tea is available at $32++ per person from 18 February to 5 March 2015, from 2.30pm to 6pm daily at all three Tian Fu Tea Room outlets in Singapore.

Thank you Tian Fu Tea Room for the invitation.

This article is brought to you by guest writer Wu Chao.

Tian Fu Tea Room
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