Enjoy a Flavourful TCC “Onigiri” Rice Dumpling this Dumpling Festival!


For this Dragon Boat Festival, The Connoisseur Concerto (TCC) will be putting a new spin to the classic rice dumpling. Shaped like the homely Japanese Onigiri, the three flavours of Teriyaki Unagi ($7.90), Sambal Hotate ($7.90) and Spicy Chic ($6.50) will be available from now till 12th June 2016 at all TCC boutiques.


The new Spicy Chic

My favourite out of the three goes to the savoury and fatty Teriyaki Unagi Rice Dumpling. The sweet teriyaki sauce complements the savoury and buttery eel well, adding a comforting dimension to an already delectable festive delight. The new Spicy Chic was also unique with the use of dried chilli and cashews which add to both flavour and crunch, though somehow that soaked up the sticky rice just a touch.

In all, an impressive attempt from the traditional flavours found in this season.

And seriously, the onigiri cartoon image by TCC is just too cute.

Thank you TCC for the onigiri!


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