Embark on a new Sardinian adventure at Sopra Cucina!


Although I used to visit Pan Pacific Orchard for their 10@Claymore buffet over the years, it never really struck me that there was another restaurant in the basement attached to the hotel building. Sopra Cucina located directly behind Palais Renaissance offers diners a European dining experience unlike any other restaurant. Discover the lesser known parts of Italian cuisine from the regions of Sardinia, Naples, Sicily, Milan and more with the restaurant’s revamped menu of signature dishes like the Biscotto di Percorino and the Porcheddu Sardo (Sardinian roast suckling pig). It is cuisine, both homely and a feast, and something that will definitely tantalize your tastebuds.


For dinner, I started off with the Biscotto di Pecorino ($22++). This was perhaps my favourite dish for the night. We had pecorino cheese stuffed in a pane carosau (traditional Sardinian flatbread) and then drizzled with honey. A little pungent, savoury, and a decadent amount of sweetness over a crisp texture, this was the dish to start with.


Next up, there was the Polpo Alla Carlofortina ($20++). Slow-cooked fresh octopus is tossed with celery, olives, pine nuts, basil and a homemade dressing. The octopus was tender and savoury, and harmonized nicely with the simple salad mix that was both clean and refreshing.


The Pizza Sopra ($28++ for 9″) was also a crowd pleaser around the table. A thin yet chewy crust, well baked in the restaurant’s special Italian oven, is topped with an assortment of fresh arugula, parmesan, mozzarella and thin slices of parma ham. The pizza’s freshness and umami, savoury flavours make this easy to appreciate and great to share.


A dish that caught my attention was the Malloreddus alla Campidanese ($25++). A traditional Sardinian semolina pasta dish that comes served with rosemary pork sauce. The pasta gave way with a slight chew, slightly sweet, nutty and with a clean taste, nicely complemented with the robust pork sauce that leaves a satisfying feeling after each bite.


The Porcheddu Sardo ($48++) was the highlight for the night. Sardinian suckling pig (400grams) is rubbed with mediterranean herbs and roasted to a crisp. It is then served with roasted potato and on a piece of paane carosau. Crisp, savoury with a slight gamey flavour, this was excellent even if the portion was a little small.


Our order of Barramundi Alla Griglia ($34++) could have been a touch better. The fish was paired with a slightly heavy sauce that overshadowed the already packed seafood flavours.


Cannoli ($10++)


Tiramisu ($10++)




Interestingly, a cuisine is very much shaped by the socio-political and cultural history of a region. For Sardinian cuisine, the blend of simple ingredients for powerful flavours that go across a wide spectrum reflect the various cultural influences present in Sardinia over time. I enjoyed the dishes prepared at Sopra Cucina, and because they are different from the regular understanding of Italian fare, this will be a unique experience that is special in culinary diverse Singapore.

Thank you Sopra Cucina for the invitation.

Sopra Cucina and Bar
10 Claymore Road
Singapore 229540
Reservations: 6737 3253
Opening Hours
Mon 5pm to Midnight
Tue – Sun 11.30am to Midnight