Eden Sanctuary Floral Cafe, Dreaming About That Hibiscus Filo Pastry


Eden Sanctuary Floral Cafe, the name itself suggests a priceless peaceful serenity. And with the cafe being in Chinatown, the calmness is a welcome feature to any hectic schedule and busy day. The establishment portrays itself as a cozy, quiet retreat to partake in a smorgasbord of floral and colour cuisine where Executive Chef and Owner Clement crafts meticulously for his guests.

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My dinner there yesterday was a customized menu from Chef Clement himself where 4 dishes out of the 6 course meal is not found on the menu. The theme for the meal revolves around the aspect of Colours, namely Rainbow, White, Green, Blue & Purple, Yellow, Red & Brown. Clement articulates that a healthy diet comes hand in hand with the daily intake of all 6 different types of colours. Hues aplenty, the dinner commences together with servings of Butterfly Blue Pea, and Relax Tea.

First on the menu was a tasting portion of the cafe’s Eden Rainbow Salad. It is undeniable that I was instinctively attracted to the vibrant hues of the salad. A definite appetite teaser, the dressing is fruity sweet with a tinge of balsamic vinegar sourness. The choice of cherry tomatoes adds a distant sweet sour taste which is separate from the flavours of the salad whereas the peeled mandarin gels the flavours together in harmony. A flurry of rainbow colours all in one.

The next dish is customized and I call it the Dory with White Portobello and Lemon Rind. Choices of dory fillet flattened atop at piece of portobello mushroom give this dish a blend of tastes from both the earth and the sea. The lemon rind adds a tangy bitterness which is refreshes the flavours into a lighter scent. Though I must add that the immediate dory scent upon serve was a tad too strong for my liking.

Next up, Prawns with Edamame and Greens Pasta. Also another customized dish, the pasta itself carried a very natural taste with it being slightly dry and tossed with olive oil. For crispness in texture, the noodles were cooked a little over al-dente. Choice of soy beans and asparagus added a new dimension to the dish and  the prawns were a crunchy addition as a topping then as part of the cuisine. Still, the fibrous part of the asparagus should have been left out in my serving.


Now this is one serving of beautiful customized cuisine which I will go back to Eden Sanctuary for. The Braised Chicken Thigh with Late Harvest Ambrosia Sauce has the excellent combination of tender white meat coupled with a decent layer of fat that goes very well with the tinge of fruity alcoholic soury sweetness. The chicken is marinated for over 24hours so each piece is a delicate work itself that has tastes to tingle the tastebuds. And upon the first bite, the caramelized sugars from the wine simply added zest to the overall taste. Marvelous, simply Marvelous.

The magic for that delicious dish.


Off the menu, the Yellow Polenta with Saffron Cream Sauce is one carbohydrate infused dish that is made from savoury cornmeal laced with a meat broth within pairing very well with the umami rich cream sauce that has been blended with saffron. The presence of sauteed white button mushrooms lends a deep meaty earth scent to the entire dish itself. Delightful experience.

For desserts, a tasting sampler of 3 different varieties were served up. Modena Balsamic Vinegar Cheese Cake, Chocolate Mousse, and the Hibiscus Filo Pastry. Chef Clement recommended starting from the filo pastry to immediately enjoy its cooling texture and crisp layers followed by the sweet yet sour vinegar cheese cake and ending with the deep rounded dark chocolate mousse.


I have to admit that the Hibiscus Filo Pastry really stands out. The sourness from the frozen cream within gives a suprising “wow” taste upon first bite and the crisp flaky filo pastry is an excellent combination. Sweet, tart, cooling, refreshing, and a taste opener, this was one dessert everyone desired to have. And on Chef Clement’s insistence, this dessert can only be eaten in the cafe. No takeaways allowed.

For this tasting dinner, this was an exciting introduction to the worldly aspects of floral and colour cuisine. Each customized dish has been meticulously planned out to meet the needs of each and every customer, and favourites are always present on the a la carte menu. The cafe is very cozy with seating capacity limited to at most 20 pax.


It was a pleasure meeting Chef Clement and his engaging disposition throughout the entire dinner was an experience to remember.

Thank You Diana Lim, Account Director, and Kris Tan Project Manager from 24seven Communications Pte Ltd for hosting this food tasting session.

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IMG_7927 Eden Sanctuary Floral Cafe
18 Cross Street #01-16
China Square Central
Tel : 6224 2298
Reservations recommended

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