E.Clat Gourmet, Casual Fusion Dining at Mohamed Sultan Road

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the usually crowded Clarke Quay, E.Clat Gourmet Canteen brings on added touch to the diverse variety of restaurants found in the Mohamed Sultan area. Eclat, also known as brilliance or success, lends a touch to the owner’s aspirations for the gourmet canteen. With a focus on family friendly cuisine and a mish mash of ambience to cater to different crowds, E.Clat Gourmet is one for those looking to dine at Clarke Quay at prices that is friendly to the pocket.

I first had the E.Clat Salad ($7.90) as a starter, and it was simple and unpretentious to say the least. Fresh shitake, cherry tomato, an assortment of greens, onions and a vinaigrette, it is one dish that is bright and natural in colour. The first time the salad was laid down, I was struck by the strong scent of the vinaigrette. Tangy, with a slightly strong acidic aftertaste, the flavours really opened the palate though I thought it could be better brought into balance with some layers of sweetness.

The W.O.W Chicken Wings (3 for $4.50, 5 for $6.90) comes with a selection of 8 sauces to choose from. It is usually tossed with the sauce upon served to give that well coated intention to the pieces of deep fried meat. The flavours available are Teriyaki, Nonya dressing, Cajun, Lime Spicy Sauce, Hot & Spicy, Mint & Yoghurt, Honey Sesame and Coffee. I tried the coffee version and it was good with the nutty grittiness of coffee flavour coupled with a scent of barbecue at the back.

I was a little curious about the Egg Benedict ($10.90). While the spread of ham, egg on a toasted focaccia bread was delish on its own, the hollandaise sauce accompanying the eggs reminded me more of mayonnaise rather than luscious creamy hollandaise with that tangy delight. I could also do with the ham pieces being shaved, but for those who like it chunky, this is probably the serving to go for.

The Asian main of Stir Fried Fish Fillet with Wolfberry & Celery ($10.80) carried itself very well through the meal. The fish, crispy yet well glazed with the clear sauce all over, was reminiscent of a heartiness and a lasting umami sweetness till the end.

The Ribeye Steak ($22.90), decently huge, meaty and tender was a delight on its own. The sauce, slightly pepperish yet thick in flavour infused well with the meat. The side of mash was also hearty with a mild buttery texture, leaving a sated complexion at the end. 

The next dish of Black Pepper Beef Spaghetti ($12.00) carried itself as a cream based pasta, with slices of tender beef throughout lending texture and bite to the overall meal. Not exorbitantly spicy, with a mild peppery fragrance, the pasta could do well with more heat and perhaps less cream.

Towards the end of the meal, I first had the Vanilla Creme Brulee ($5.90). The best part of any creme brulee is digging in to the crispy layer of sugar at the top, enjoying the complexities in texture and sweetness. It would have been better if the top in this particular one was slightly more charred to lend a bit more fragrance and presentation.

The traditional classic of Chocolate Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream ($6.50) was a great way to end the meal. Simply clean flavours of chocolate with the bubbly contrast of vanilla, lend two dimensions of sweetness. Tart strawberries add colour and tanginess, brightening up the overall feel of the dish.

Ahhh a bottle of Aranciata Rossa to end the day

Brunch at E.Clat Gourmet was a simple affair with no frills and full focus on the food and clean ambience. Its locality at the top floors of a car park places it out of sight from the traditional busy roads, but this lends an added sense of exclusiveness and a hidden away feel. Though some of the dishes could do with a touch more snazziness, the overall outlook of the place looks promising. And with gourmet cooking classes coming up as part of the experience, E.Clat Gourmet looks set to present itself in more than just a gourmet canteen to dine at.

Thank you E.Clat Gourmet for the invitation

E.Clat Gourmet
63 Mohamed Sultan Road
#03-14 Sultan-Link Building
Singapore 239002
Tel : 6604 7998
Website : http://www.facebook.com/EClatGourmetCanteen