Dreaming The Crispy Mingzhu Roll At Keng Eng Kee Seafood


I couldn’t resist ordering the recommended Salted Egg Yolk Crab (dry). But $37/kg(seasonal price) might seem a bit much.

When Michel noted that he wanted to go to Queensway, I once again whipped out the handy Streetdirectory website and checked out what stalls looked like it was of interest in the area. My stumble of Keng Eng Kee Seafood is a total coincidence and like a miner finding a diamond in a coal mine, this one serves up to be a very good Cze Char.


Mingzhu Roll – Salted Egg Yolk, Ham, Prawn, Mushrooms and Parsley wrapped  and deep fried in a dried beancurd skin

The Cze Char stall itself has a decent history of over 10 years and while snugly placed in a coffeeshop, the quality of dishes is rival to that of a good Chinese restaurant. Of course, with a cheaper price and unique handmade creations.


The Salted Egg Yolk Crab is presumably the star of tonight’s dinner. A decent sized female crab is deep fried in sizzling hot oil and then stir fried in a thick paste of salted egg yolk, curry leaves and chilli padi to produce that tempting dish of hard shelled crustacean.


Oozing with eggy goodness!

The salted egg yolk gives a very good creamy texture that is left encrusted on the exterior of the crab, leaving anyone to start licking the pieces. I was fortunate enough to get a crab that was brimming with crab roe. Oh so very tasty and sinful, my doctor would have a cholesterol fit!

Each piece of crab is crisp and sweet though certain parts can get a little salty. I would also have preferred a slightly spicier variety with more chilli paid and an increased “pangness” of the curry leaves. Today’s seasonal price of $37/kg for a crab dish also seemed a bit much, but it was an experience well worth it.

Two versions of the dish is available. Mine is the Dry Salted Egg Yolk variety, with the other being a wetter contemporary akin to that of a salted egg yolk gravy.


A Crisp Bite, A Delicious Endeavour

Keng Eng Kee Seafood Restaurant is well known for its Mingzhu Roll. A dish made by Mrs. Keng the matriach, it is a creation of dried beancurd skin wrapped around a generous stuffing of salted egg yolk, ham, prawns, mushrooms, parsley and deep fried to perfection.

It was surprising light in texture and almost neutral in taste if not for the strong bodies of earthy flavour from the mushroom. In a sense, the savouriness of the salted egg yolk, ham and prawn becomes overshadowed by the fungi. Otherwise, each piece gives a nice crisp crunch even after a period of standing and the dip of mayonnaise adds a nice touch. ($9 for a small serving)


Its almost like being a kid again when I ate the Marmite Chicken

I enjoyed the portion of Marmite Chicken ($8) served up. The poultry was deep fried in a thick batter to obtain that crunchy exterior and then stir fried in a savoury sweet sauce of Marmite and spices. A full bodied umami craze that will go very well with steamed white rice.


Choy Hiang Beancurd

Another specialty of Keng Eng Kee, the Choy Hiang Beancurd. The beancurd is handmade each day and for the dish it is deep fried to a smooth golden brown. A meaty slightly sweet and spicy minced pork mix is poured onto the top upon serve. Kudos to the silky smooth beancurd that leaves an almost melt in the mouth aftermath. ($10)


Keng Eng Kee Seafood is without argue one of the better Cze Char stalls around. The dishes it serve is mostly a wide mix of traditional Chinese infused with local ideas. The price range of each dish varies from decent to a little mid tier for a coffeeshop Cze Char. Call it local expectations, but pricing should be adjusted accordingly. Otherwise, the quality and good flavour of each dish is still well valued for money.

IMG_3652 Keng Eng Kee Seafood
Blk 124 Bukit Merah Lane 1
#01-136 Alexandra Village
Tel : 6272 1038

Unique Creations of a Local Cze Char, better if its price were slightly lower.

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