Don’t Forget To Curtsey When You Step In


Its great when a group of food bloggers come together. Just imagine, a table full of foodies whipping their cameras out and suddenly snapping away at the gastronomic delights served up on the plates. And that was the exact scenario which took place at Royal Copenhagen (Takashimaya) last Saturday as though the Paparazzi was chasing after Tiger Woods.

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I would say that this was my first time stepping into Royal Copenhagen, and its locality right on the 2nd floor of the ladies’ bag department at Takashimaya was simply flashing the luxuriousness of a tea place for the Tai-Tais and shoppers alike.

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Royal Copenhagen Signature Traditional Scones

I was never a Scone-Person. And the shoppe’s scones didn’t really appeal to me. It was a little hard and tough, but perhaps that would be good if you spread a good size of cream, strawberry jam or butter on it. $7.90 was shocking and yet amicable if you would like to look dainty.


Assiette of Citrus, $11.90

Splendid in looks, fine in daintiness, very interesting combination. It was my first time pairing a sponge pudding with frozen tangy sorbet. Still, the best part for me was the crisp, refreshing lemon and grapefruit slices that added vibrant hues and clarity to the dish. $11.90 for a platter.


Upside Down Pineapple Carrot Cake

Now this was good. I loved the fulfilling bite in each morsel that gave way to heavenly crunches, smooth textures and yet still with the delightfulness of tender goodness. $5.50 for a slice.


Danish Butter Cake

Collapsible, yet divine with its creamy texture. I took a good liking to its sweetness and smoothness. $5.50

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Orange Pound Cake

Now if you are thinking of going healthy, maybe you should go for the orange pound cake. A bit heavy and solid, yet not too sweet that will leave you slurping water. By the way, healthy means to only eat the orange slices. But $5.50 might give you a heartache if you just did that.


Cranberry Almond Cake

Nothing too fantastic again. But it looks good with that piece of grape dusted with icing sugar. How I wish it would snow in Singapore.


The Mudslide Royale

Decadence at its finest for all the chocolate lovers out there. One bite and you are in cocoa heaven. And seriously, it would look more like a mudslide if its all mashed up.


Almond Meringue Cream Butter Cake

Another Butter cake, but this time with a heavy spread of meringue and cream. The roasted sliced almonds add crisp bites and appealing colours. Nice.


Banana Loaf

As a group consensus, this was the least desired dessert amongst the lot. A tad too dry and heavy, it would make anyone feel too full and thirsty after each bite.


A total of 10 desserts in one day would be considered a much too heavy sin for anybody. But to share it amongst the seven of us, I think it was a delightful experience and for $11 per person in the end, it was well worth it.

Now, let’s see, where should I go for my next adventure? Till then.

P.S Bonus articles from my fellow food bloggers.

IMG_9884 Royal Copenhagen Tea Lounge
Takashimaya Level 2

Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh, over the fields we go, down to copenhagen…