Don Quijote at Dempsey, Clap Your Hands for Fresh Spanish Seafood!

A little Spanish flare here and there, clap your hands twice and there you have it, some of the freshest best tasting seafood at Don Quijote. Celebrating its 1st year anniversary at Dempsey Hill and its 3rd year history in Singapore, Don Quijote brings Spanish Cuisine to your table, and now with the Market Seafood Menu where live Seafood is used for the dishes!


Located amongst the idyllic restaurants at Dempsey Hill, Don Quijote is hard to miss with its creative signage and landscaped alfresco sitting area.


A place perfect for an ice cold beer at night, or simply that Sangria and Tapas to go along with. Walk behind the brick wall, and enter the cool comforts of the restaurant.

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Take a first seat, and be served with warm toasted buns fresh from the oven together with a side of garlic spiced butter. Take a dip, spread it on the warm bread, and enjoy the waft of garlicky goodness cascading up.


To start off the meal, there is always the traditional Sangria in both Red and White. Zesty, fruity, sweet and refreshing, its always a kick to mix the wines up.

Sangria Tinta (Red) – $13.50
Sangria Blanc (White) – $13.50


Before delving into the Market Seafood dishes proper, three starters were served up – Gambas Al Ajilo and Chipiron – both Olive Oil and Squid Ink varieties.


I started off with the Gambas Al Ajilo ($16). Definitely one of the nicest starters for the day with the use of live sea prawns in a quick creation of herby garlic and oil. Sweet and crunchy to the bite, with the gentle tender bitterness from the garlic, this was quick to go.


If you are one looking for stronger flavours to start with, the Baby Squid cooked in Squid Ink is the one to go for. Stronger tasting with a slightly more briny flavour then the Olive oil variant, each piece is poppingly addictive. And not to mention the stains it will leave on the tongue, and shirt if you are not careful.


But for something a little lighter and a stronger garlic flavour, the de facto Chipiron ($15) can be ordered. Made with lots of chopped garlic and olive oil, this seems like simple comfort food at best.


Starting the Market Seafood menu proper, the table had the Almejas Al Vino Blano ($25). Roughly translated as Clams in White Wine, these were one of the sweetest clams I’ve had in a long while. And as Ken from the restaurant explained, it is the freshness of the clams which actually create the savoury sweetness together with the harmony of white wine. It almost seems like an easy creation and that anybody can do it, but the balance in ingredients of this serving is well appreciated in my books.


When we have the light, then we have the slightly stronger tasting counterpart. Mejillon Al Vino Blanco ($16), also employs fresh mussels cooked together in White Wine. The result? Savoury gravy base, with a slightly saltish disposition and nutty meat from the mussels. Fragrant, and a very nice dish to be shared.


Of course, if lobsters are what you must have, fresh lobsters are what they will serve. Langosta ($69), baked whole baby lobster, is done very nicely with the flesh just slightly apart from the shell in a good sign of no overdone-ness. Smeared generously with simple mozzarella and baked whole, this is pure decadence by itself.


Lobster claws shine for the camera!


The El Pescado Entero Al Horno ($55), baked whole fish, is served aplenty with lots of garlic chips, garlic cloves hidden under the fish, a side of potato wedges, salad greens and sea salt to spice things up if needed. Fresh fish is always easy to tell as the flesh is firm and sweet, with a slight nutty fragrance coupled with a tender juiciness. Great sharing portions.

IMG_6834 IMG_6722



Ken from Don Quijote and Me

The dishes in this article are a sampling of the spread available in the Market Seafood menu, and in addition to the list, there is still the good ol’ a la carte menu available. When it comes to fresh seafood, personally I feel, the best way to cook it is the bring out the natural flavours from within. And Don Quijote has done it right, especially with the Clams in White Wine. It is a flavour personally not to be missed, and something so simple can be so tempting to the bite.

Many Thanks to Don Quijote for the invitation

Don Quijote Spanish Restaurant
Blk 7 Dempsey Road

Reservations : 6476 2811
Opening Hours:
Sunday to Wednesday 11.30am – 10.30pm
Thu to Saturday 11.30am – 1am