Domani, A Beginning Of Happy Tomorrows


When its time to relax from all the hectic shopping at Takashimaya during this year’s Great Singapore Sale, I think it would be fitting to include Domani in the schedule. Located at Takashimaya’s basement 2, the restaurant of Spanish Italian cuisine whose name means “Tomorrow” in Italian exhibits itself as chic, casual and affordable.

The first image which attracted me on the menu was The Bruschetta Collection ($8.90). A mix of 5 different types of the toasted antipasti is served. There is the individual options from the selection, but I simply felt that I had to taste them all.

IMG_7055 IMG_7071

The 5 varieties presented were

  • Salmon Cream Cheese ($4.90) – slices of smoked salmon on a toasted baguette with a spread of delectable cream cheese ;
  • Butter Mushroom ($2.90) – Sauteed mix mushroom which carried an overwhelming earthy taste that should be taken at the end of the entire collection;
  • Prawn & Mango ($4.90) – Prawn and mango with mayonnaise, typical, refreshing and the bruschetta of choice to start with ;
  • Prosciutto & Melon ($3.90) – An ideal combination of saltish smoky ham with crisp sweet refreshing rock melon ; and lastly the
  • Sardine & Chopped Tomato ($4.90) – A savoury sea bite on its own enhanced with the umaminess from the chopped tomatoes.

This was one bruschetta collection that although simple in ingredients, were a delight on its own.

Butter Mushroom Bruschetta – A very earthy intense flavour that would be a perfect end to the entire bruschetta tasting.


As per my traditionalistic cravings at any Italian restaurant, I ordered the Aglio Olio ($8.90). Decently served with al-dente spaghetti and a savoury aftertaste from the stir fry in stock, the pasta is glazed lovingly with extra virgin olive oil and a scattering of pine seeds. Good.

The order of Fritto Mushroom Salad (Medium $5.90) was also not too bad. The pieces of tempura-ed mushrooms added a crunchy savoury texture to the salad itself and the dressing itself was tart, contrasting well with the refreshing pieces of coloured leaves.

All in all, Domani is definitely a place for a quick stopover for munchies or even a full fledged meal. The ambience though can be a bit crowded as tables are generally close to each other, so chatter about the sale from D&G would be hard to miss. Not that it is a bad thing though, you could actually get a steal of a deal.

IMG_7071 Domani
Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road
Tel : 6734 1638

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