District 10 UE Square – A Decent Selection of Italian Classics


UE Square’s District 10 is receiving an Italian makeover as Executive Chef and co-owner Luca Pezzera refreshes the menu with an additional 15 new dishes, while keeping to the restaurant’s range of affordable prices. The dishes are generally decent, with some emerging stars that will tantalize tastebuds for more. However, District 10 for me is still a place to wind up a long day at work, best over a pint or two of beer and then having some food along the way.


Start off the meal with a classical favourite, the Panfried Goose Liver with Wild Berries Sauce and Balsamic Syrup ($20++). Fatty goose liver is always an indulgence to tuck in to. I particularly enjoyed the side of tart, wild berries sauce that simply cuts into any heaviness. Excellent for its price range.


New on the menu is the unique dish of Slow Braised Tripe with Tomatoes, Chilli, and Parmesan Cheese ($16++). A perfect dish perhaps with an ice cold beer, this represents to me adventurous comfort in a single bowl. The blend of savoury tripe and umami tomato and cheese is an excellent combination, and the sauce tones down any particular gamey-ness from the tripe.


The next selection of Black Ink Tagliolini ($22++) is a specialty of Chef Luca, where alkaline rich squid ink is well incorporated into the thin strands of pasta. I enjoyed the bite, the tender, rich flavour, and in particular the generous portions of crabmeat in a hearty tomato and basil sauce. A recommended order.


I wouldn’t recommend the house’s specialty pizza, the District 10 ($19++). While mushrooms, panccetta ham, zucchini and egg sounds like a decadent combination, the pizza seems lacklustre by any accounts and does not seem like a portion that will be well enjoyed. I also found the ham a little strange when paired as a topping for the pizza.


We also ordered another main from the grill, the Black Angus Burger ($22++). Juicy patty that doesn’t seem well justified when placed within the bun (It just seems so small). I enjoyed the fries that remained crisp after time.


Meringata ($12++) – Hard meringue


Warm Lava Chocolate Cake ($12++)


New York Cheesecake ($12++)

As a whole, the range of desserts did not serve to impress. Decent, and something to order if you’d like a sweet ending to the meal but perhaps a good, strong cocktail might also satisfy and meet that need.



Healthy fruit boosters



I enjoy dining at District 10, but as my experience goes, it is a place that I will visit for some excellent happy hour drinks or generally a place to chill. Dishes like the tripe and tagliolini show promise, but much more work needs done on the burger, pizza and desserts in general. District 10 is a good restaurant and bar, with a reasonable price point that won’t break the bank, but as of now it has yet to reach close to that magical 10 out of 10.

Thank you District 10 for the invitation.

District 10
81 Clemenceau Avenue
UE Square Shopping Mall
Singapore 239917
Reservations: 6738 4788
Opening Hours
Lunch 11.30am to 2.30pm (Mon to Fri)
Brunch 9am to 3pm (Sat, Sun, PH)
Dinner 5.30pm to 11pm (Sun to Thu); 5.30pm to 1am (Fri and Sat)