Discover an urban oasis of flavourful Indonesian cuisine from IndoChili!


It’s been a long time since I tucked in to a good serving of Indonesian food. Maybe it is a genre that doesn’t occur on my list very often, but when I do come across it, I generally find the delicacies well worth the mention. New on my ‘to go’ list is this cozy place called IndoChili, located directly across Great World City along Zion Road.

The restaurant highlights that its dishes are crafted straight off the rich repertoire of Indonesian culinary heritage, with a strong infusion of fresh spices throughout. The dishes are well worth the recommendation, with each featuring a deep flavourful complexity that is homely and satisfying.


Start off the meal with some of the restaurant’s signature Risoles ($5.80). These breadcrumbs-rolled croquette feature a mixed meat stuffing that is both a little sweet and savoury. A worthy snack to start the meal, even if it can get a little filling.


The most impressive dish that stood out for me was the Cumi Balado ($15.80). Huge, fresh squid is quickly cooked with a sweet and spicy chilli sauce that is both mouthwatering to look and taste. I enjoyed the savoury and crisp bite while relishing in the mild and zesty chilli flavours. A worthy order, and definitely something I will come back specially for.


If you are visiting the restaurant as a group, you might want to consider ordering the Combo Bakaran ($42.80). You will get a mix of 4 different types of meats, and the portion sizes easily serves 2-3 or if you like to share things round a little more, maybe even up to 4. The grilled black pomfret is glazed with a loving dose of slightly sweet sauce, while the prawns are only a touch spicy yet filled with a portion of sea-sweet meat.

The Ayam Sate is also nicely done, with a charcoal hint to each individual skewer. Notably, the meat is also tender and slightly creamier, going well with the smooth satay sauce. The dishes can also be ordered in a la carte options, but the combo platter would be great if you like a taste of everything.


A La Carte – Sate Ayam Madura ($7.80)


I was also recommended the Rendang Sapi ($9.80). Although the flavours are worth the order, the slightly tougher, drier and textured meat was not the most ideal. This, despite the dish being cooked for at least 4 hours.


Cah Kangkung ($8.80)


I have to give special mention to the Sambal Mangga ($.80). A serving of julienned green manga is tossed and rubbed with sambal sauce for hearty flavours through and through. A thorough mix of sweet, spicy, crisp and refreshing flavours that goes well with rice.


End off the meal with a serving of Es Delima ($6). I’ve always relished a good serving of Red Ruby served with coconut milk and jackfruit slices as the flavour combination is usually sublime. While this particular serving is still considerably worth the calories, the flavours don’t seem as punchy as some other servings I had elsewhere.




A great meal and great company. Me and my primary school buddy, Han Leng


In all, IndoChili is a restaurant worth visiting if you are craving for a way to satisfy your Indonesian culinary appetite. The prices are reasonable, and each dish is homely and well flavoured. The stand out for me is the Cumi Belado, and it is a dish that I will definitely order when I make a return. Otherwise, the menu is extensive and I’m sure there is more to discover.

Thank you IndoChili for the invitation.

54 Zion Road
Singapore 247779
Reservations: 6445 1766