DIO Burger at The Grandstand! How High Can You Stack Your Burger?


How high can you stack your burger with free flow condiments for the picking? DIO Burger at the Grandstand aims to bring family-friendly Do-it-ourselves food culture of American dining to the little island of Singapore. With a condiment bar for all burger orders, guests will be able to tailor make their perfect burger for the palate. If you are like me who loves a stackload of pineapple slices topped with tomatoes and a scattering of olives in between the patty and burger buns, this could very well be the place for you. And oh, there are movies screened throughout the day, making this place a great pit stop for families and friends who want a little TV in their meals.

Dio Burger 2013-2

Do It Ourselves!


For a classic entry, choose your Beef Burger done in various styles and pile on the condiments. I started with the My Way (Chuck $17.80; Wagyu $21.80) which comes with Cheddar cheese, Bacon and Portobello layered within. The Wagyu and Chuck Tender is 100% fresh, never frozen. Even without the added condiments, the burger on its own is a real treat. The crisp bacon, earthy Portobello and creamy cheddar bring out the flavour from the beef patty. Comes with a side of fries.

Dio Burger 2013-1

The Condiment and Garnish Bar – Choose your toppings!


Big eaters rejoice with this special creation from the house. The Dio Mega Burger ($29.80) is a 100% fresh premium cut wagyu, layered with pork ribs, chicken thigh and cheddar cheese. It comes with a few condiments like onions, pineapple and cucumbers for the added touch but feel free to add more. I loved the wagyu and pork ribs for their tender texture with savoury, meaty flavours that was distinctively hearty. The chicken thigh was a touch dry and tough and could be better. It was almost impossible to stack the burger any higher for any practical sense. While it looked good, you still needed to deconstruct it to enjoy tucking into manageable sizes. Still, a worthy attempt before it all fell over.

Dio Burger 2013-11

One highlight I have to recommend is the Onion Rings ($4.80). Possibly one of the best onion rings I’ve tried thus far, these are wonderfully crisp, with a tasty slightly salty batter only to reveal the sweet chunky onion slice within. The first few slices were the best, and it can get a little tiring later on. Best shared, and not for those who cannot take the oil.


Alternatively, go for the Chicken Wings ($6.80, 6 pieces). Crisp, tasty skin with the meat nicely tender and delicious, I would go back for these. Seems healthier than the onion rings, but still lovingly fried.

Dio Burger 2013-10

Ketchup, Barbecue, Mustard, Spicy Cheese, Cheese Sauces

Dio Burger 2013-4

Dio Burger 2013-5

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DIO Burger at The Grandstand is a promising outlet for those seeking good ol’ American grub in hearty portions and a family friendly environment that is a departure from the more snazzy, and classical settings. The decor is refreshingly playful with light hearted atmosphere that makes it almost like a fast food chain and great for kids. However, do note that the do-it-ourselves concept is limited to the condiments at the garnish bar. I would have preferred if the restaurant allows diners to create their own burger, layering it with their favourites patties. That would have been my ideal thought of a do-it-ourselves concept.

Thank you DIO Burger for the invitation

DIO Burger
200 Turf Club Road
The Grandstand
Tel : 6468 9308
Opens from:
Mon-Fri 11.30am to 9.30pm
Sat, Sun and PH 11am to 10.30pm