Dine In A Different World At The White Rabbit!

Mention The White Rabbit and the first thing I would think about is the little fuzzy smart bunny from Alice in Wonderland. Now, after dining at The White Rabbit located along Harding Road within Dempsey Hill, another association has been added to the list.


Credits : The White Rabbit

Stationed past St’ George’s Church after Minden Road, The White Rabbit is housed in former Military Chapel which was built sometime in 1910. A 101 years later, here I was, sitting down having dinner in an atmosphere that resembles a sudden stop in time. Minus the air conditioning of course.


Depending on the entrance you take (and if its night time), you might be able to venture through the guided pathway into The Rabbit Hole, accessing The White Rabbit from there. Day and Night, are two totally different stories altogether.


Though if you go by the all ye’ layman on foot entrance, the ancient structure and elaborated metal grills will be the first structures that greet you. Traverse up the stoned pathway, and push past the glass doors.


Look towards the right, and you will noticed the Bar counter sitting at where was once the altar of the chapel. Talk about an irony. Sturdy deep brown full tables and almost perpendicular chairs which seemed like something out of the Kingly Castles of the Middle Ages line the floor in strict fashion. And if you peek behind the bar, comfy chairs and sofas ready for guests to relax and drink.


Look towards the left and you will see the “courtyard” of the castle with trees adding the final touches. Now if they removed the center portion and added a fountain plus water pathway, that would be epic.


Almost any dish you order from the menu will make its way out of this doorway. The entrance to what was once the Priest’s quarters in the chapel. Hungry yet?


Warm toasty Onion and Ciabatta Bread served with Butter as a precourse starter.


Most of the dishes featured in this article will be key selections from the Festive Menus coming in the month of December. With Christmas and New Year around the corner, lineups fresh from the Chef’s kitchen are set to impress your tastebuds and to rejoice in the festive season.

To start off the dinner, the Assiette of Starter (available in the New Year’s Eve Menu) was served up. Consists of Foie Gras Parfait, Pan Seared Scallop and Fresh Fig with Iberico Ham.


Start off with the Pan Seared Scallop, Wakame Salad for a light sea beginning. Savoury and lightly sweet, it was a petite mouthful.


And then move on to the Foie Gras Parfait, Toasted Brioche, Shallot Marmalade. I pretty much liked the contrast in textures from the smooth foie gras pate to the crisp toasted brioche, and the mix of flavours ranges from the pretty earthy strong to the savoury complexities of the liver. Strong aftertaste which is slightly quenched with the shallot marmalade.


The Fresh Fig, Iberico Ham, Parmesan & Rocket is a unique creation for me. Minus the Iberico ham which could have been better if it was slightly saltier and glazed with extra virgin olive oil before serve, the rocket leaves enclosed a stuffing of figs whose sweet and nutty texture was a wholesome combination of a hors d’oeuvre.


After some time, the next course of Champagne Poached Seabass (Festive Degustation Menu. Available daily.) was served. Upon serve, the immediate sour sweet fragrance from the broth whets the appetite. Other than that, it was a nice dish.


Though for something really unique and memorable, I would say its the Roulade of Turkey (Festive Set Lunch Menu). Turkey meat stuffed with chestnut, served alongside smoked oyster, cornbread and sage plus a fantastic blueberry and cranberry sauce, this was a dish that impressed from the rest so far. I enjoyed the tender juicy turkey meat and when paired with the sweet sauce for a light overall flavour, it was a marvelous combination. The base of cous cous with the smoked oysters were a nice accompaniment with neutral healthy and savoury meaty flavours packed together.


I’ve heard reviews of The White Rabbit’s Mac & Cheese that I had to try it for myself. Served piping hot, the immediate aromas of the truffle oil engulfs the senses. Breaking in, the macorni was nicely stuffed with melted cheese with a wholesome aftertaste. Served in a garden of vegetables, the colour contrast is simply appetizing. And for plus effect, the dish is topped with a shave from a black truffle and drizzled with truffle oil. Fantastic, and perfect comfort food for brunch.


The festive dessert for the night was the Sticky Date Pudding (Christmas Eve Dinner Menu). Served with Vanilla Ice Cream and a Caramel sauce which reminded me of Werther’s Originals, this was a sweet end to the entire meal. Of course, the caramel gets a bit cloying after some time, but hey its Christmas, and with all things sweet, the 25th of December sure is!


The Cheese Platter is also available as an a la carte order if you simply must end your meals with cheese and wine.



Mosaic Stained Glass Windows


The Wine Cellar A.K.A The Chapel’s Confession Rooms


Comfy chairs that were behind the bar counter.


And if you are feeling peckish for more drinks, head out into The Rabbit Hole.




The White Rabbit was pretty much crowded when I was there yesterday night, so a reservation is recommended. The festive cuisine is pretty decent though the real deal out is to go down for the entire experience of dining in a prehistoric (ok it’s not that old) military chapel. The interior is cool to be in, and the alfresco bar gives you a choice to chill after a long day. With few buildings near, and only the chill air of the night embracing you as you wander around, its almost as if you were in a different world altogether. Now, wouldn’t Alice be proud that you have followed in her footsteps with The White Rabbit.

Thank you The Lo And Behold Group for the Invitation

The White Rabbit
39C Harding Road
Reservations : 6473 9965
Email : eat@thewhiterabbit.com.sg
Website : www.thewhiterabbit.com.sg

Opens From :
Lunch: Tuesday – Friday 12:00pm – 2:30pm
Brunch: Saturday – Sunday 11:30am – 3:00pm
Dinner: Tuesday-Sunday 6:30pm – 10:30pm

*Restaurant closed on Mondays

The Rabbit Hole
Sunday – Thursday  6:00pm – 1:00am
Friday – Saturday 6:00pm – 2:00a