Desserts Of The Day From Bread Society & Dunkin’ Donuts


Strawberry Brioche

Having desserts is the ultimate way to cool off after that feisty bowl of spicy curry. Bread Society at ION Orchard, under the BreadTalk group attracted my family to visit it time and time again because of its attractive Eurpoean Style tarts, pastries and buns. I must say, today’s meal has in total been very guilty for me. Very, very guilty.

But good….

The Strawberry Brioche simply looked gorgeous. Like a pretty dessert draped in finery of gold and purple, the robust red from the strawberry simply added oomph to the beauty. Regardless to say, it was a good mix of sweetness and tangy, adding bite and flavour to what would be an ordinary slice of bread.


Mango Apricot Danish

Each bite from the Mango Apricot Danish simply left my stomach craving for more. Juicy huge bits of mango bursting in full flavour of sweetness is best to partake when left chilled. Yummy.


Red Wine Pear Danish

This is definitely something new for me. A unique creation by BreadSociety’s consultant Japanese pastry chef Nishikawa, the pear slices were infused with a luscious red wine giving a soothing purple to the body. Firm bite, tangy tastes and the smooth, creamy custard cream – jackpot!


Lemon Cream Danish

The Lemon Cream Danish reminded me of a familiar flavour I simply cannot place my mind where to. Best when chilled, it reminded me of that custard cream puff I always loved.


Errr…I simply couldn’t leave these donuts out. Available from Dunkin’ Donuts (right next door to BreadSociety), I was tempted to forgo my $2.80 for 2 pieces of artistically created donuts. Gone where the days when the donuts were just dough with a hole and topped with sugar.


For me, I love savoury donuts. The spicy cheese donut was the best for me. Drizzled with generous portions of floss, cheese and chilli sauce, it was a delicious snack all in one. Burp!

I could go on all day, and ramble all night. But these desserts make me scream appetite!

Even when, I take a stand, a little stand away from pastries.