db Bistro & Oyster Bar – A Celebratory Presentation of Seafood and Flavour!


Seafood is the new theme at db! After a few months with the restaurant’s Bistro and Oyster bar relaunch, I had the opportunity to check out the latest creations dished out by Chef Daniel and his team! The earlier casual Parisian bistro is now refreshed with a selection of oysters and seafood, prominently occupying a central spot at the restaurant’s entrance. Hand-selected daily by Executive Chef Jonathan Kinsella, the range of seafood include freshly shucked oysters found across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Boston Lobsters and servings of Alaskan King Crab. It is certainly a feast, and an addition to a repertoire of culinary delights already a feature on the menu!


Whilst waiting for dinner to start, the waiters brought in for the table a serving of Gougeres. These delectable morsels of pastry were puffed to a crisp while being well laced with streaks of gruyere cheese. It provided both an intense umami flavour followed by the gentle enveloping of slightly sweet pungent gruyere for that satisfying beginning.


The first course of Hamachi Poke was a beautiful seafood and earth combination grounded by flavours that straddled the crisp sea to the buttery avocado. Pieces of fresh hamachi were served alongside a marinade of yuzu, chunks of avocado and a toss of seaweed salad, I enjoyed the wholesome, well-rounded combination and particularly relished in the yuzu’s tart sweetness pooled at the bottom of the glass.


The Kumamoto Oysters were fresh and plump, though the dressing of Yuzu Kosho Mignonette might be a little too strong and salty if you are looking to simply enjoy the oyster’s original flavour.


But it was the dish of Mariniere of Clam and Crudo that embodied a playful yet thoughtful creation of sea fresh flavours coming together. Pieces of torched tuna, buttery as it is, were served alongside pieces of tua tua and the deceptively salty littleneck clam. It was an exciting amalgamation of flavours that were gently perfumed with a rich dose of saffron cream and a parsley, clam and fennel nage. Oh and that spoonful of Oscietra Caviar was without doubt, divine.



As Chef Daniel was in town this weekend, he made an appearance for the table with the next serving of Dover Sole Black and White. Armed with a whole black truffle and a little shaving board, it was certainly amusing and heartening to meet Chef as he placed the final touches to the dish.


As each serving of dover sole was placed on the table, its pungent sea flavours were exceptionally noticeable. Though I had to brave the initial moments with the dish, I soon fell in love with the stocky savoury flavours, made all the more quaint with the shavings of truffle and button mushroom.


But if I had a choice, my preferred option has to go to the traditional favourite of Duck a l’Orange, Roasted Foie Gras, Radish, Bok Choy served in a Sauce a l’Orange. The duck, tender to a beautiful mid rare, was glazed with a citrus sweet sauce for that soothing harmony. Portioned alongside a tiny, but crisp, serving of foie gras, the entire dish was then made well complete with bits of bitter sweet caramelized orange peel.


With Christmas just round the corner, we were then served each a portion of Buche de Noel. The cake made out of chocolate and chestnut, and then presented alongside with ginger ice cream, was a beautiful end to a charming dinner. I enjoyed the deep robust cacao flavours, accentuated with chunks of glazed, meaty chestnuts. The ginger ice cream kept things light and refreshing, with a touch of spice that lightens any lasting flavour.



Instead of the house’s special madelines, Chef Daniel prepared some Bugenes, made from his mother’s recipe. Thin dough, fried in oil, and then dusted with lots of icing sugar.





Christmas is in the air



I’m glad I made a return visit to db Bistro & Oyster Bar after my last experience at the restaurant when it was in its earlier iteration. The seafood flavours were generally decent to good, with dishes like the Mariniere, oustanding. The favourite Duck a l’Orange, was of course, very well received. There is now a little something more for everybody, especially seafood lovers. With this refreshed presentation, db Bistro & Oyster Bar has carved a special niche for itself, especially in the seafood loving Singaporean community.

Thank you Marina Bay Sands for the invitation

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