Curry On! Here I Come Again


I first visited Curry On! just last Sunday and already now my whole family is left with that strong craving for another bowl of Mutton Curry from the coffeeshop stall. Sadly, the Mutton Rib Dalcha was sold out by the time we went there. (Next time must remember to call and reserve)

Still, the entire family had a great time indulging in a good bowl of Mutton Chop Curry and Chicken Curry with a last half bowl of Mutton Rib Dalcha (95 percent gravy, 5 percent meat) that was complimentary from Aunty Nikki. Even though it was a mere half a bowl, it still went fantastically well with the fluffy biryani and puffy French loaves. A good consolation in our dire time of bereavement on the absence of Mutton Rib Dalcha.


This time round, I scooped out the Mutton Chops and potatoes onto the plate for a better picture. The chops were really chunky, meaty and spicingly savoury. Good.

Oh yeah, after all these, we still had two bowls of Mutton Chop curry as takeaway.

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Bonus Pictures


Just had to get this snapshot. A bakery with a fruit stall that has bananas hanging from the ceiling. Only in Singapore.


Singapore has trained the men well in Camouflaging during National Service. Can you see him?