Cubed Bun. Nothing is cuboid about this bakery.


Yamazaki! Somehow, this Japanese bakery sounds like the name of a fierce warrior.

After my ‘feast’ at Manpuku, it was without doubt that I went on my conquest for even more unique food. It so happened I chanced upon this cuboid bun on sale at Yamazaki. It stated coffee with whipped cream. Mmmm..who could resist the heavenly combination of two of the heaviest sinners on earth.

Of course, it was more of the cubed shape which attracted me…cough cough. But looks aside, the filling was not entirely fantastic but acceptable. I Demand Beard Papa’s whipped cream filling inside! Take that plus the aromatic fragrance from Nescafe Gold (or some other high end colombian coffee powder) and I believe we have a winning combination.

DSCF5986 Aside from Mr. Cuboid up there, the bakery offers a wide range of other Japanese based breads. Come on, its now everyday you get to see Buckwheat in your bread, do you? If you chance across Tampines One, make a pit stop at Yamazaki, and maybe you might next see a Pyramid Shaped Bun.