Crystal Jade La Mian, The Wait Is As Long As The Noodles


La Mian in Sichuan Style

I have always wondered what was so fascinating about Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao at Takashimaya. When it comes to the peak dining hours, the queue would be exorbitantly long and tedious. Maybe its the cheap eats that Crystal Jade provides in the Orchard district, or maybe its just that the majority of people like to eat noodles, but whatever the case is, I waited 1 hour for a table.

My first impression from the La Mian in “Sichuan” Style was relatively partial. The savoury hot broth was a little creamy and a little oily, with the la mian served up in generous portions. I didn’t really take to the noodles as it was a little too soft and not entirely firm, and I felt that more kick could be driven by upping the spice a little. $6.50 a bowl.


The La Mian with Sliced Beef ($7.80) looked a bit boring. Nothing of the wow factor. Tender beef though.


Other than noodles, the restaurant offers the standard fare of cuisine one would expect of a Chinese restaurant. Mum ordered the Water Shrimp sauteed with Salty Egg Yolk ($18.00). The shrimps turned out small and with a faint yellow colour. Hints of salted egg yolk could be tasted with the texture of the shrimp being crisp and clear. Though it is subpar to others I’ve eaten.


I didn’t want to eat too much so I called for the Deep Fried Beancurd ($5). Ordinary though with a crisp skin and jelly like interior.


The Double Boiled Shark’s Bone with Chicken soup simply lacked the lacklustre flavour of other similar broths. It was watered down with a lack of the rich collagen that I was looking forward for. Ahhh..gone are the days when Shark’s bone broth was creamy and rich in flavours. $7.00 for 1 serving.


As a final dish, we had the Fried Noodle with Seafood & Mixed Mushroom ($12.00). A little salty and heavy in oyster sauce, the noodles were actually more delightful to bite than to savour. I enjoyed the crisp texture that went very well with the sauce. Seafood and veggies are another story altogether.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao is definitely a place I would want to go if I am looking for cheap eats as family when in Takashimaya. Other than that, the cuisine factor is rather average and the queue to enter is way too long when dinner hour strikes. I would probably be starving by the time I entered.