Crystal Jade Dumplings in this year’s 2012 Dragonboat Festival


Come next Saturday 23rd June, Chinese around the world will celebrate the Duan Wu Jie (端午节). Also known commonly as the Dragonboat festival and the Dumpling festival, it is an occasion with Dragonboat races and in Singapore, dumplings are prepared in all forms to enjoy in.


Brown Rice Dumpling

This year, Crystal Jade is serving up a range of traditional rice dumplings and new Cool Dessert Dumpling. My favourite out of the assortment I’ve tried is the Brown Rice Dumpling ($5.20) which is a combination of pork, chestnut, lotus seed, peanut, black-eyed pea, salted egg yolk, brown and glutinous rice. Apart from the nutty fragrance and texture which the rice offers, the infusion of flavours within leave a savoury following that reminded me tenderly of a good portion of tense umami meat. Very nice.

Red Bean Paste Dumpling


For something with a sweeter touch, there is the Red Bean Paste Dumpling ($4.00). Not too cloyingly sweet, the red bean paste oozed out decadently after I sliced it through. The bridge of flavours between the sweet paste and the slightly alkaline-savoury rice was a delight.

Rice Dumpling with Pork and Spicy Shrimp Paste


The Rice Dumpling with Pork and Spicy Shrimp Paste ($4.50) satisfied a particular niche favourite of mine – chestnuts! With at least four chestnuts in mine, I thought this was a real treat to begin with. The spicy shrimp paste was mild and it lent a nice heat to the overall flavour of the rice.


New this year is the Cool Dessert Dumpling. Available in Petite Cheese & Peach Cool Dumpling, Petite Black Glutinous Rice & Sago Cool Dumpling, and Petite Sweet Corn Cool Dumpling, these were unique takes on what I would normally think of as a dumpling. The best out of the three is the Black Glutinous Rice which carried a more traditional flavour that I could connect with. The sweet corn is interesting. But the cheese and peach was bordering a little much on the modernist take. Though I would say it can be a favourite amongst the kids!

With a selection of dumplings catered to traditional flavours and new, unique takes, Crystal Jade has something for everybody. The rice dumplings are available at selected Crystal Jade outlets and the last day of order is the 20th of June. Are you wrapping your own dumplings this year?

Thank you Crystal Jade for the dumplings