Commentary : Repercussions and consequences

I often wonder what would it be like to witness the start of a possible revolution. And startling as it seems, that opportunity presents itself in many ways. Sometimes it can be an idealistic and yet simplistic mindset that begins everything. Alternatively it can be through just plain misunderstanding.

Words when not conveyed properly can be misrepresented. Groups that convene together engage in daily chatter in their own language but unfortunately uses prominent words that can cause discomfort to others.

I witnessed that sole scenario today when a group of people were discussing in mandarin of Singapore’s appointment on her first Malay general. While I understood that the content within were more of their amazement and approval on this milestone, the tonality which was carried through sounded more like disbelief. To complete the scenario, a group of Malay men sat behind them. Just Imagine the possibilities that misunderstanding might arise.
With the start of change, the period of incubation may just bear truth to other sadness. Leaving to a more deadly explosive effect in the end.

While the discussion held may seem innocent and innocuous enough, a mere misrepresentation is enough to spark a new revolution.
At this moment I remembered the all too famous phenomena called "The Butterfly Effect" otherwise more scientifically known as Chaos Theory – one small change in the past is enough to wound the optimism of the future. Imagine the scenario I witnessed as the beginning of an infamous historic moment. I lament greatly at what the future holds for our children because of what was said today.

I personally believe that if we are conscious of our own surroundings and uphold transparency and accountability in what we say, the repercussions created could be mitigated and safeguarded.

Unfortunately, that belief is perhaps too idealistic and a meander from reality. Man is Free by nature and most of the time he chooses what to say with minimal thinking. Together with the fact that one generally speaks of what concerns him, what one says would be indicative of his mindset.

It is precisely because of these characteristic that may inevitably cause misfortune for mankind.

For all that we know, the greatest revolutions that have happened or to come may not always be the work of great leaders in power or political persons. Sometimes all it takes is just the common man to say one thing while he meant the other to be the root of a new movement.