Come Get Your Sweet Smelling Waffles At Marvelous Cream!


I have to admit that many times I walked past this little dessert shoppe at 313@Somerset, the allure of the freshly made waffle bowls with its heavenly sweet, crisp and refreshing yet seductive scent is what captures my attention the most.


The Chocolate Sienne which I ordered was an instant hit favourite with me. Velvety, thick, and with a good firm consistency, this was like chocolate ice cream of the chocolate ice creams. And the crunchy bits of of chocolate chips scattered within made the entire dessert even more delectable. Order it with the freshly made waffle bowl. Its good =) $5.90 for the Chocolate Sienne. Additional $1 for the waffle bowl.

Now when it came to the Strawberry Shortcake, I was a little disappointed. It looks nothing like the presentation. It tasted sweet but the consistency was unappetizingly runny. I mean, I do love a good Ice Cream cake, and this one could have been way better. $5.90 for a quaint cup serve.

Seating is very very limited in this dessert shop, with only a singular long table that faces the walkway. Its more of a eat and go environment and not something you can linger over and enjoy for too long a period if there are people constantly glancing at you to see if you have finished that last scoop of waffle ice cream.

Dessert wise for the waffle bowl? Excellent. Ambience? Cramped. But not bad if you consider the location and want a reason to “observe” the crowd.

IMG_4986 Marvelous Cream
Level 1
313 @ Somerset
Opens Daily
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