Chef Chen Kentaro debuts his first English cookbook, but hurry, stocks are limited

Michelin-starred chef Chen Kentaro has released his first English cookbook, “A Dash of Szechwan”. To great excitement, I attended the launch at his eponymous restaurant, Shisen Hanten – Singapore’s highest Michelin-rated Chinese restaurant – at the Mandarin Orchard Singapore.

Though I am no chef, it does appear that the cookbook is promising for anyone looking to emulate Chef Kentaro’s signature dishes using widely available ingredients in a home kitchen. For starters, A Dash of Szechwan contains 50 recipes accompanied by lush visuals, detailing step-by-step instructions on cooking and preparation techniques. The cookbook also includes recipes for versatile Szechuan stocks, sauces, and marinades that Chef Kentaro uses for his dishes

Many of these recipes are being shared for the first time, including family recipes passed down from his illustrous grandfather and father. (Kentaro’s grandfather Chen Kenmin is widely acclaimed as the Father of Szechwan cuisine” in Japan, while his father is known as the  “Szechwan Sage”.)

Chef Kentaro also shares personal anecdotes to contextualise some of these recipes and includes a visual glossary for easier reference to some of the essential but commonly mistaken ingredients featured in the cookbook.

Priced at $50, you can purchase this limited-edition, hardcover (easy to protect against accidental spills!) cookbook exclusively at Shisen Hanten, Mandarin Orchard Singapore. And as it is also a keepsake, each copy has been personally signed by Chef Kentaro. Definitely a steal!

A Dash of Szechwan cookbook is priced at $50 and is available at Shisen Hanten, Mandarin Orchard Singapore