Celebrating the Nation’s 47th Birthday!!


A Very Happy 47th Birthday Singapore! 47 years might not seem a long time to many countries around the world but it certainly is quite a feat for this young nation since its independence in 1965. It was my first time attending the actual day National Day Parade after so many years of unsuccessful balloting. Not saying that this year was any better though, I managed to get two tickets by submitting a photograph to The Straits Times for a competition which was really, really lucky.


Photo submitted to the The Straits Times

I thought this was a meaningful picture as it was quite a sight to see an entire HDB block decked out with the national flags. While I think it is a work of the town council, it surely is a captivating sight. Simple, traditional and yet one filled with a certain resonance. I varied the angle upwards to emphasize the viewers perspective. Incredulous sight. *Cue NDP Song*


Home, A Blast from the past 

This year’s song : Love at First Light!

This post will be a collection of my favourite pictures during the NDP. Nothing too lengthy with just thoughts expressed through words and colours. Enjoy and relive the moment for all you guys out there!


I arrived slightly after 4pm and was treated to a winding spiral of lines before reaching the security check counter. A dizzying attempt. However, I was not initially assigned to the Yellow/Orange sector as the tickets given to me by The Straits Times were for the blue seats. These were exchanged with an Indian family of four who had two yellow and two blue tickets and were desperately looking for people to exchange with so that they could seat together. I’m glad I could make their day by swapping the blue tickets with them.


My mum and me!


A sunny afternoon with many umbrellas, hats, shawls appearing to block out the sun. Thankfully there was no rain.


The sole tech crew guy standing infront of us. Not an easy task to be on his feat the whole day with the sun, glaring.


Performers from the Army’s Music and Drama Company. Really slick moves there.


A huge air balloon stated making its way to the stage. I thought it was part of the setting but it carried Jean Danker into the floating platform. Talk about an entrance.


Jean Danker dropping in =D


The band from Tanjong Katong Secondary School


Giant heart shaped kites treated the audience to an aerial display. It was nice, elegant till one of the huge kites came crashing down infront of where I sat nearly running through the audience.


Beautiful against the clear sky backdrop


My first time seeing Sharon Au up close. She and the other emcees ran into the audience, sitting with the crowd and entertained them. I could faintly catch glimpses of the elderly lady smiling broadly to herself.


Entrance of the Red Lions. Spectacular as usual, and a huge reminder of how paramilitary drops can turn into an entertaining display at the conscious level.


This year saw the Parade Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) arriving from within the crowds. A first.


This is a particularly emotive picture for me. The contrast of the parade RSM making his way down to command the entire regiment of troops from the people’s perspective is symbolic in its own right. While it does make for a somewhat unusual entrance, the picture symbolises the immediate recognition of all NSMen and NSFs within the crowd in this year’s NS45 Celebration. I’m quite glad I caught this moment.


Sights you don’t see everyday. I was thinking, should the drummers walk out with their sticks crossed or parallel to each other.


Seeing the Navy or is it Air force troops in the new pixelated uniforms. A full circle since I was the first batch in the Army to receive the new fatigues.


Capturing the moment : This powerful image of the military police officer saluting the national colours as it makes its way past him brings the parade and military discipline close to the audience in a stellar manner.


Hormat Senjata!


The sun making its way slowly down the horizon, welcoming the night.


Arrival of PM Lee Hsien Loong


The Parade Commanding Officer (Khaki Beret) awaiting the President’s arrival


Arrival of President Tony Tan with his dignified and obligatory Presidential wave.


Start of the Flypast with the National Flag from the Helicopters. A powerful moment as this day each year, the whole of Singapore unites in singing the anthem.


F-16s making their grand entrance


F-15s flying overhead!


Singapore flag flying high.


The traditional gun salute. Both in honour of the parade and the contributions of all NSmen.


First time witnessing the F-16s performing a stunt crossing each other’s paths


Division Colours


Girl guides making their way back into the audience. Symbolic reminder from the start where the Parade RSM makes his way from it.


The night show begins! Yeah go Singapore!


Light stop motion as the whole crowd cheer to the finale


The Grand Fireworks display. Stunning and impressive, it surely is better being in the crowd then just watching it from home. My first time photographing fireworks though and I knew I should have brought along a tripod. But still not too bad.


Say Cheese! The post parade celebrations where the entire grounds was open to the audience saw many photographers snapping away.


Say Cheese!


Great to see participants of all ages!


These girls started singing spontaneously after taking the photograph


Say Cheese!


Say Cheese!


Say Cheese!


The Final Say Cheese Moment!

The trip to this year’s NDP has been epic for me! A great moment to witness the sights and sounds in person rather than just from the tv screen. Beautiful colours and to what I hear online, this is one of the better NDPs so far =D Can’t wait for the repeat telecast though, it would be pretty entertaining to watch the whole show again.