Celebrating Artisanal Mooncakes from Grand Hyatt Singapore!


In paying homage to the grand old tradition of honouring the moon’s appearance at its brightest and most beautiful, Grand Hyatt Singapore is expanding its range of beautifully hand crafted Artisanal mooncakes with an addition of three new flavours to the line up. Look out for the Green Tea with Sake Truffle, White Lotus with XO Truffle, or my newfound favourite from the selection, the Yam with Coconut Truffle. And if you are really looking to play it impressively, order a box of Black Sesame Yuzu Truffle with toppings of gold dust!


Receive the mooncakes in paper bags of black and turquoise. Tellingly, the packaging for this year’s mooncakes will be in the same hue.


The turquoise blue colour scheme is beautiful in its own right. Calm, and soothing, it makes for a very presentable gift in hints of modern, snazzy fashion. Last year’s colours were a deep mahogany red. If you had the box from last year, this year’s mooncake packaging will make an excellent addition to the collection.


The snowskin mooncake flavours this year include Durian; Champagne Truffle; Lychee Martini Truffle; Caramel Sea Salt Truffle; Black Sesame Yuzu Truffle; Custard with Salted Egg; Yam with Coconut Truffle; Green Tea with Sake Truffle; White Lotus with XO Truffle. The mooncakes are available in assortments of 8 varieties or single boxes of 8 pieces. Each box of 8 mini snowskin mooncakes is priced at $62.


The classic for me out of all the flavours is still the Black Sesame Yuzu Truffle. The smooth, earthy flavours of sesame coupled with the refreshing citrusy flavours of Yuzu stand out in quaint, yet perfect harmony. The bits of yuzu add additional texture to the mooncake, giving a varied bite in each sitting. Excellent.


Out of the three new flavours of Yam, Green Tea and White Lotus with XO, my vote goes to the Yam with Coconut Truffle for making the best newcomer apperance.


Yam with Coconut Truffle is such a decadent combination. The smooth, grounded sweet flavours of yam coupled with the heightened sweet coconut interior meshes together in delicate balance. It leaves satisfaction after each bite. The White Lotus with XO Truffle packed a hint of alcoholic punch while the Green Tea with Sake Truffle was quite ordinary.


The Custard with Salted Egg was quite interesting for me. The filling is a good mix of both ingredients, with the salted egg providing more texture than any outstanding salty flavour to the mix. The Champagne Truffle is one classic not to be missed for those who love a good shot of alcohol in each bite.


However, if I were to choose from all the alcohol variations, my choice would be the Lychee Martini Truffle Snowskin Mooncake. A little fruity sweet with essence of lychee, this mooncake was a hearty delight with a sweetness that compelled me for a second bite. The Caramel Sea Salt Truffle was decent, and provides a variation for those seeking a sweet-salty modern creation.

The mooncakes are available for purchase at Mezza9 Grand Hyatt Singapore, and the counter is open daily from 11am to 11pm or at the retail booth at Takashimaya. To place an order, you can contact mezza9 at 6887 5492 or email theshop.sg@hyatt.com. They are available from now till 19th September 2013.

Thank you Grand Hyatt Singapore for the mooncakes