Celebrate Mother’s Day with Crystal Jade!


As a mum’s love and dedication is infinite and deep, one way to show your gratitude for that special lady in your life is to have a meal and spend some quality time together. For those who wish to pamper mum even further and bring her out for a meal, home-grown restaurant Crystal Jade is set to impress. From 2nd to 10th May this year, Crystal Jade will serve an array of set menus and unique dishes that is made with that dedication in mind. And as a special gesture for the first 500 DBS & POSB cardmember reservations (made online or through the phone), Crystal Jade will surprise your mum with an exquisite complimentary dessert of Bird’s Nest in a Jade Ice Bowl. Meticulously crafted, each bowl is made to resemble the precious jade which signifies a mother’s beauty and nobility. Symbolically, this artful creation thanks them for their selfless contributions. So for this celebration to come, it would be good to make it just that little more special.


I started off with the Appetizer Combination of Marinated Sliced Duck, Deep-fried Scallop and Deep-Fried Crab Ball & Crispy Roast Pork ($14++ per serving). This assortment of Crystal Jade’s appetizers is simple and not overtly fancy. Out of all the items, I enjoyed the crispy roast pork for its crispy and yet tender texture.


A dish that is definitely unique is the Braised Supreme Bird’s Nest wrapped in Egg White in Pumpkin Broth ($36++ per serving). The smooth, golden orange pumpkin broth forms an artistic base to the dumpling stuffed with tofu, chestnuts and bird’s nest. Furthermore, I enjoyed the savoury sweet flavours of pumpkin that is well complemented with the lightly flavoured dumpling. The gold leaf on the top is a fancy addition, but one that lends a certain finesse to the overall presentation.


While the Braised Stuff Fish Maw with Prawn Paste & Seasonal Vegetable ($44++ per serving) might seem exquisite, I found it quite ordinary and nothing exceptional. The prawn paste ball was tender and savoury, a distinct contrast with the more gelatinous and simple tasting fish maw. However, while the ingredients are possibly stellar, the dish on a whole is just relatively decent.


Given a choice then, I would opt for the Braised Sliced Abalone with Morchella Mushroom ($26++ per serving). A decent slice of abalone is served braised alongside some earthly flavoured morchella mushroom. The mushroom is unique as it is cottony and crunchy, well stepped in the braising sauce. I found its flavour a beautiful contrast with the richer, sweet abalone.


The Baked Baby Lobster with Mushroom in Hazelnut Oil ($22++ per serving) was also a favourite for the afternoon. Half a baby lobster is baked with mushroom and fragrant hazelnut oil, and the dish is later drizzled with a savoury stock for that added punch. The lobster meat was crisp and fresh, nicely complemented with the hearty and earthy brown mushrooms. Peas by the side finish off the entire presentation for both colour and an added texture.


The Stewed Ee-Fu Noodle with Mushroom & Yellow Chives ($15++ per serving) is a staple for celebration. As it symbolizes good health and longevity, it is one dish that is frequently ordered in many Chinese dinners. I for one particularly enjoyed this creation by Crystal Jade. Upon serve, I was struck by the “wok-hei” that emanated from the dish. The noodles were tasty, with a good fragrance throughout that left you sated but not overly full.


And of course, mum’s dessert for the first 500 reservations will be a little more special with the complimentary Bird’s Nest in Jade Ice Bowl (usual $68++ per serving without jade bowl). The dish is a mix of bird’s nest, snow lotus root and coconut pudding. While the jade ice bowl might be just part of the presentation, I thought it was a wonderful and yet simple gesture that just aims to make mum feel even more appreciated for that one special day.


The various dishes I tried are available across the selection of Mother’s Day set menus offered by Crystal Jade. Personally, I would recommend the Baked Baby Lobster, Braised Supreme Bird’s Nest wrapped in Egg White in a Pumpkin Broth and of course the Ee-Fu Noodles. The rest while good, were just a little too ordinary for my liking. For more details, diners can log on to www.crystaljade.com/estore. And to sweeten things a little more, DBS and POSB Cardmembers stand to benefit from a further 10% discount for reservations during the 2nd to 7th May.

Thank you Crystal Jade for the invitation.