Celebrate Brunch Everyday In The City with delights from The Tastings Room!

Who says you must only have brunch on weekends? At The Tastings Room, you can now have brunch every single day from Monday to Sunday 11am to 4pm! Seems like a perfect moment for all the busy office executives in the City Hall area where they simply want to look for a place where they can have their Eggs Benedict or Truffle Fries for lunch.

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The menu at The Tastings Room has been refreshed and it now includes an even wider selection of old favourites and new items. And with The Tastings Room also being a niche place for excellent wines at affordable prices, you might want to call along a glass or two to pair with that hearty dish of yours. Wines are definitely not only meant for dinner.


An idea to start off with would be the Smoked Vine Tomato Soup with Seafood ($9.90). Packed with a puree of smoked fresh vine tomato blended into the seafood rich soup, expect a hearty beginning of warmth, tangy umami and a soothing slightly pepperish aftertaste to open up the palate.


Now what would brunch be without fries, and perhaps even White Truffle Salted House Fries ($9.90). Chunky, whole stringcut fries fried to a beautiful golden brown, and tossed with white truffle salt and summer truffle oil. These fries come along with tomato salsa and truffle mayonnaise. Lovely taste, and you have to have it while its hot to tuck in to the aromatic scent.


The good ol’ traditional Eggs Benedict takes a slightly different shape in some of the dishes at The Tastings Room. This creation, the Poached Eggs in Red Wine Hollandaise ($16.90) is a layered portion of inhouse recipe Japanese inspired loaf, topped with crisp slightly salty bacon, eggs poached in red wine, veal broth and herbs, and glazed with a concoction of silky smooth buttery red wine reduction. Sounds fantastic, though personally I thought it was a bit lacklustre in original flavours as the bacon somewhat took centre stage in place of the sauce.


But for a version a bit more familiar and done very nicely is the Eggs Royale ($15.90) Nothing beats the traditional layer of smoked salmon, poached egg and a dollop of good tangy hollandaise sauce. Bursts of salty ocean flavours come from the roe which embrace the top, and it only serves to accentuate the smoky flavours from the salmon from within.


Picture shot : Breaking the poached egg. Oozing out smoothly.


I thought this picture was the best representation of the Ribeye Minutes Steak Club Sandwich ($19.90). Definitely a sharing portion as each club sandwich is huge itself. Unless of course you have a very big appetite and its brunch, so no matter. Layered with toast, sunny side up, tomato, cheddar, lettuce, mayonnaise and quick seared minute steaks, these are certainly mouthfuls to behold.


When the dish came, I was wondering how I should even begin. Cut it or eat whole? Still, do take note that the steak is whole and not as fluffy like minced meat, so each bite will require a suitable amount of strength if you want to devour the entire thing.

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For something a little lighter and possibly healthier, there is the Quesadilla with a choice of Smoked Salmon/ Sous Vide Chicken / Mushroom ($16.90). Stuffed with mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce and jalepenos, I found my portion of Sous Vide chicken to be tender and moist which made it a very nice accompaniment to the salsa dip by the side.


For something a little off the brunch menu, I personally would recommend the “Sous Vide” Pork Belly with Crackling Skin ($26.90). A very generous portion of sous vide pork belly that is tender and buttery soft with that inexcusable melt in the mouth awesomeness comes alongside with layers of crispy crackling pork skin. And the sauce of Tavel Rose Wine apple puree simply lightens the overall flavour, refreshing the bite time after time. Comes with mash and summer vegetables.




A recommended wine pair to go with the Pork Belly dish is the Dufouieur Monopole Rose 2010. Sweet and slightly crisp, any heaviness from the meat and fat is quickly dispelled for the next level of enjoyment.


For another excellent recommendation there is also the Riesling Coq au Vin ($25.90). Whole chicken leg cooked in Germany Riesling wine stew is served with a portion of Parsley Polenta Cake topped with shaved parmesan and mushroom fricassee.


The recommended wine pair for this dish was the Kesselstatt RK Riesling 2008 16/20 points. I found this wine to be sweeter and the fruity notes brought up the sweetness from the Riesling wine stew as well. Coupling that with the tender and savoury chicken, and it almost seems like a match made in heaven. Alternatively, if you’d like a much drier wine, there is also the Domaine Faively Chablis 2009 88points.


One more time for the camera.


Now brunch is not complete without the choice of pancakes, so The Tastings Room has the option of Pan Cake with Berries ($12.90). Simply and fuss free, these come served with a golden scoop of Fig and Honey Ice Cream, mix berries and maple syrup. I especially like the fact that the pancakes are thick, fluffy and wholesome. And not the thin plain variants.


For a slightly sweet and delicate way to end the meal, you should try the restaurant’s own recipe of Vanilla Creme Brulee ($8.90). Break past the caramelized crust and dig in to custard smooth and wobbly textures which are surprisingly not too sweet, making it pure bliss to finish the entire bowl individually.


But if you’d prefer a strong way to end the entire meal, there is the robust sweetness from the Molten White Chocolate Fondant with Triple Chocolate Ice Cream. Imagine lava cake but this time round with smooth runny sweet white milk chocolate bursting from within as you dig in.


Cut. Ooze out.




Brunch at The Tastings Room is a good selection of time favourites and some with a slightly quirky twist. Though the real deal is probably looking past that section and into the menu more extensively for interesting and unique offerings that is peculiar and unique to the restaurant itself. And when the mains are decided, wines are a very good way to accompany the meal as a whole new experience is delivered. Wine pairing dining need not be a formal affair with black ties and penguin suits, instead it can be casual and relaxed yet with a semblance of class at The Tastings Room.

And if you want to have a deal steal, there are the Sets to look out for!

Thank you The Tastings Room for the invitation.

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