Celebrate a Black Summer Truffle Rhapsody at Clifford!


It is black truffle season, and Clifford at the Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore is proud to present to you its latest seasonal promotion for a limited time till the end of July! Featuring decadently earthy and subtly sweet black truffle from Tasmania in 6 special selections, each dish is made even more unique with the truffle additions. The restaurant, helmed by newly appointed Executive Chef Sandro Falbo, attempts to bring out the natural flavours of truffle in a simple yet elegant finesse. And I must say, he has executed it perfectly with his Vincotto Marinated Strawberries with Housemade Truffle Ice Cream.


Lift up the bowl and bask in the aromatic sweet and nutty fragrance of Black Summer Truffle!


Ready to shave!


Having grown up in a laidback countryside environment where the truffle season was well apparent, Executive Chef Sandro Falbo is perhaps no stranger to the truffle world. A humourous character by nature, he was animatedly telling us all how his dish of Scrambled Organic Egg was a takeaway when he got lost in the woods. I was well entertained.


The starter for the entire meal was a simple creation of simple bruschetta, shaved truffle and a teaspoon of white honey. In what is perhaps the most simple yet elegant moment for the entire lunch, this was one dish that stood unpretentiously at the forefront. Basic ingredients coming together, accentuating the deep flavour of truffle in a blanket of sweet honey, coupled with the crunchy texture from the bread. Excellent.


Truffle, Bruschetta, Honey


The next dish of Scrambled Organic Egg ($32) is a homely creation of croutons, warm bacon, truffle vinaigrette tossed with baby mescluns and topped finally with shaved truffles. This is the dish Chef was telling us about so wholeheartedly when he got lost. It also reflects the simple nature that truffle was meant to be, in a comforting farmstyle way of cooking.


The salad greens in touches of slight bitterness were warmed up with the earthy aromatics of truffle and a tang from the vinigrette. Follow that with the hearty portion of scrambled egg and cured pork belly that lends that touch of salty umaminess to the entire dish. Finish it off with crunches of croutons for that added texture, and of course, all the delectable flavours soaked within.


For the mains, there is the Egg Pasta Tajarin ($38. Media portion depicted). Simple choice of ingredients are once again emphasised in this dish. The angel hair pasta is served up in a thyme butter sauce, with truffle crumbs all over. The thought of creamy butter as a complementary infusion to black truffle is almost heavenly, making this angel hair pasta dish close to a divine creation.


I was more taken away with the dish of Summer Truffle Risotto ($38. Media portion depicted)


The Honey Truffle Glazed Suckling Pig ($38) arrived with a moment of silence from around the table. Parsnip Puree, Cipollini and Black Truffles dress up the portion of Suckling Pig finely in all its crackling proportions.


Uniquely, this portion of suckling Pig stood out for me as it was served up with its meat. The Chinese suckling Pig however, emphasises the crisp skin and is highly valued for festive occasions. Therefore, when chef Sandro presented this dish, I was quite curious as how the combination of texture and flavours will be like.

The cut of meat is exceptionally tender due to chef’s ‘jacuzzi’ cooking method. After which the skin is well barbecued for that lovely crackle and colour. The intense flavour of pork, its sublime buttery fat and the presence of earthy truffle is a very fine combination. I was thus keen to name this my favourite dish of the day. That was before I discovered the dessert.


The dessert of Vincotto Marinated Strawberries with Housemade Truffle Ice Cream ($18) blew me away. The presentation of the dish, while beautiful in its own right, is hardly representative of the tapestry of flavours frolicking in the mouth with each mouthful. Be very surprised and enjoy firm notes of truffle in an almost chocolatey fashion. The sweet lightness of the ice cream, the deepness of the prized ingredient, harmonises perfectly. Strawberries give a much needed texture to the entire dish, allowing you to coat each piece of berry with more of that goodness so desires. The only issue with this dish is that it melts quickly. That moment of bliss gone in a fleeting moment.





The Black Summer Truffle delight at Clifford is a menu of gems. Clear focus is given to the main ingredient, which itself harmonises very well with the flavours in each dish. For those looking for a very good meal with a great ambience by the bay, check out Clifford for that romantic getaway to come.

Thank you The Fullerton Bay Hotel for the invitation.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel
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Singapore 049326
Reservations: 6597 5288
Opens from:
Noon to 2.30pm (Lunch)
6.30pm to 10.30pm (Dinner)

Black Summer Truffle Rhapsody promotion is from now till 31st July. Available during both lunch and dinner.