My Hand At Korean Sweet Potato Vermicelli


Yesterday, my family went all the way to Vivocity for a Microwave cooking demonstration by Samsung. Didn’t buy the product in the end though as there was a heated discussion by the ah sohs on whether the microwave could be used to steam fish. Poor product manager…


Anyway, at Harbour Front Centre there was a little Korean fair by Cold Storage. Mum ended up buying Korean Sweet Potato Vermicelli after her little affair with the dish served at Hangari Galbi Korean BBQ Restaurant. The one thing about these Sweet Potato Tang Hoon is that they are gigantic gorgeous glassy noodles once cooked. Very absorbent in flavour, it serves as a great “sponge” for any sauce.


So for today’s breakfast. I ended up labouring away in the kitchen (of course, me again as the master chef) trying to recreate the dish I tried at Hangari Galbi. I used a variety of ingredients on hand such as shitake mushrooms, garlic sprouts, eggs and chilli padi. Each topping was fried separately to incorporate individual flavours when mixed with the vermicelli.

Click the link below for the recipe.

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