Enter a world of blissful living with Electrolux and win prizes!!


Electrolux, the Swedish household and appliances manufacturer, is proud to present its latest campaign, the Electrolux Home of Blissful Living with an interactive Facebook quiz that seeks to test players on their home management knowledge and award prizes! The quiz will test players on every day household skills, through multiple-choice questions in an interactive game show format. Successful players will win $50 vouchers weekly, culminating to a grand prize of $2500 worth of appliances from Electrolux.

Electrolux-LWBTo enter the contest, all one needs to do is visit the company’s facebook page at www.facebook.com/thelittlewhitebook to have a go at testing your household knowledge and winning prizes.  The entire idea behind the Home of Blissful Living is for users to have a sneak preview at the company’s latest range of intuitive appliances that seek to take the hard work out of housework. To demonstrate the simplicity in its appliances, Electrolux invited Chef Eric Low for a quick cook off. Chef Eric will also be sharing original recipes that have a special touch, tips on cooking and how to use cooking appliances smartly to fans of The Little White Book.

For the night, Chef prepared a quick 3 course dinner. Each dish was made from scratch, and was done simply in the matter of an hour. I have to say, the idea is great for a quick dinner party. Tempted for some Roast Beef with Truffle Soy Braised Mushrooms, paired with a staple of Oven Baked Asian Paella and finally ending off with some Fresh Strawberries with Balsamico Vinegar and Vanilla Ice Cream? Read the full article to learn more about the recipes!

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