An Improvised Singapore Chilli Crab Recipe


Mum brought home 2 female crabs and 1 male crab from Sheng Shiong today, with the intention to steam them. However I decided to whip up a dish of Singaporean Chilli Crabs. Compelled by the idea of a sweet sour and spicy seafood aroma, the whole family somehow gave in – even when at that point of time I knew that we didn’t have enough or the correct ingredients to cook. So I decided to improvise.

A key ingredient for cooking the Singaporean Chilli Crabs is tomato sauce or tomato puree. Something which I didn’t even have a single drop of. Out came the gears in the mind for sauces and spices with similar taste, all in all to recreate what would be Singapore’s signature dish.

Click the link below to check out the recipe!

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