One Ocean Seafood Restaurant – Cze Char with a Difference!


My journey to One Ocean Seafood Restaurant really took me to the outskirts of Toa Payoh. Never did I imagine that a cze char restaurant would be so gamely situated in the midst of an industrial estate. I half expected it to be empty, but was I surprised when I saw crowds of families dining at the cze char restaurant on a serene Saturday night. Somehow, they knew something I didn’t and boy was I glad.

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Soon Heng Rojak Toa Payoh – Worth The Queue?


Like any true blooded Singaporean, I love my rojaks. Especially one with fragrant prawn paste, generous portions of ingredients ranging from the traditional turnip, tau pok, you tiao, pineapples and topped with shavings of ginger flower. I remembered a rather famous stall in Toa Payoh itself which I visited about two years back. At that time, I vividly recalled that it was probably the only rojak stall I encountered which required the use of a queue number system.

Last week, I revisited the outlet with my grandmother Helen, and while the food court itself has renovated with a fresher outlook (not like the dingy one of the past), the queue hailing from the rojak stall is still apparent with it never ending every ten minutes I turned around to take a look, even during 3pm on a weekday.

Would you queue for this rojak?

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Tims Restaurant & Cafe – I Wanna Have My Lamb Rack!


Who says you cannot enjoy a delicate rack of lamb in the suburbs of the city. Especially with the idyllic setting of a street side bistro, a view that engages your meal up close with the happenings of the neighbourhood, and the occasional queue that forms for the desire to strike 4D. There we have it, Tims Restaurant & Cafe right in the middle of Lorong 4 Toa Payoh housing estate.


The interior is furnished simply with the traditional yet homely feel of just good ol’ homemade food that is going to be served up to you. No quick buzz or stuffy environments, but just a relaxing atmosphere that will get to you the moment you sit down.

Ideal for those class gatherings you were always intending to have at a budget but just didn’t know where to go.

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