The Prata Place : Crispy, Fluffy Prata


Pratas look simply delish!

Finally, I am on leave. For a week or so, I will get to enjoy the confines of my bed. Ah. I woke today slightly after 8 when Dad and I decided to grab some crispy prata along the street of Upper Thomson Road.

This is my 2nd time being at The Prata Place. The last time I was here was with Keng Huang, Rachel, Belinda and Cepheus and boy did we order plenty. I previously had Roti John, Thosai and Mutton Soup. Today, it was time to go straight into the action of Pratas!

The best part of the pratas is the crisp, fluffy and warm texture that demands piece after piece to be dipped in curry and popped into the mouth. Somehow, I felt I could go on to at least 6 pratas but I stopped at 2. Was thinking of eating other stuff later on =)

1 prata cost $0.90. A little steep but its worth it. Gone were the days when delicious prata could be easily found for $0.60. A long long time ago, in a country far far away….


Apart from the standard fare of Fish curry, I called for a serving of Mutton Curry. Savoury, and a little salty sourish, with the fiery spices left burning alive in the mouth. I liked the part that the mutton pieces were soft and tender with little association of the commonly found “aroma” Nice! Though the price of $4.50 might be a little touchy.

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4 Decades Of Tradition At Nam Kee Chicken Rice


My quest for Singapore’s favourite dish, Chicken Rice carries on today. This time round, it continues at Nam Kee Chicken Rice Restaurant along Upper Thomson Road. Just last week, my tastebuds left its mark at Kampong Chicken House and I was quite impressed with its smooth and sultry tasting Kampong Chicken.


Today’s journey is at an establishment with over 40 years of experience and is probably a household name for many families across the island. It is own traditional Hainanese right, Nam Kee produces fine Hainanese Chicken Rice with meat so tender, chilli just right, and at affordable prices.

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Kampong Chicken Rice, Ravishing That Yellow Skin Poultry.


Yellow Skin Goodness of Kampong Chicken

Dinner today called me back to one of Singapore’s most favourite foods – Chicken Rice. My mum was rather interested in visiting the Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice which she heard of, and the appeal of indulging in some smooth, lucid chicken whetted my appetite greatly. However, as fate would have it, we alighted from the taxi on the wrong side of Upper Thomson Road and was instead attracted like flies to a lamp post to Kampong Chicken Rice Chicken House.

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice somehow faded from my mind as I studied the busy crowd at the Chicken House store’s front and the tender waft of Chicken and ginger floating through the air.

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You Know You Have That Craving For Prata!

DSCF7112 The Prata Place
1 Thong Soon Ave
Springleaf Garden
Tel : 6459 5670

A cheap and good restaurant to visit and satisfy that craving for quick and easy Indian delicacies. 


Kosong sitting on the Paper prata

The Prata Place sounds exactly like what it serves – Prata, albeit in different shapes, specialties and  presentations. There is the Paper prata, the Banana Prata, the typical Kosong (empty, or plain), the egg, the Mushroom Prata, the Cheese Prata, the Onion Prata….and the list goes on.

Apart from serving the heavenly shaped pieces of fried flat dough, there is also a serving up of familiar favourites such as Roti John and Soup Kambing (Mutton Soup)

The Kosong prata ($0.90 / pc) was very nicely done. Crispy and fluffy, it went well with the spicy sour fish curry. Neither was it served with the shine of oil lingering all over the surface, and it did not leave one feeling jelak (overly indulgent)

However, the Paper Prata ($1.00 / pc )was a dismal for me. While it was crispy and literally paper thin, each bit felt like I was eating a flattened puff pastry. Nothing fantastic and since it was so crispy, it couldn’t take on the curry very well. But if you are a fan of crispy stuff, I won’t argue, this might just be your cloud nine towards the zenith of happiness.


House Favourite : Roti John ($3.50)

The Roti John was served up attractively with layers of sweet sour chilli sauce and mayonnaise drizzled against each other. A large portion enough for at least 3 if you are sharing. Not too bad, but I felt that more meat stuffing could have been used and the egg was a little charred.

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