Warm, Fuzzy, Hearty, Especially When Its Chilly


Sometimes when the weather is all cold and gloomy, one will usually think of a good bowl of soup to warm the body. Couple that feeling with the sense of tasty meat to heighten the senses, and maybe for that moment, a full day would be completed.

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Perhaps its just a moment of impulsiveness, or even a touch of zaniness, but because of the mirthless weather, all instincts will crave towards warmth, and then Auntie Kim’s Korean Restaurant comes to mind.

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I first visited the restaurant sometime back in February, and this would probably be my third time. Somehow, the allure of hot Samgyea Tang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) in the tepid atmosphere was irresistible.

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Yangnyum Kalbi From Auntie Kim’s. Why Not?


Its a Sunday and I didn’t know what to eat. Occasionally, times like these do happen. Times where the tastebuds simply go null and the stomach blanks out in a perpetual dream state. I was itching to go somewhere, and like a kid jumping on a moving bandwagon with thinking, I said lets go eat Korean at Upper Thomson.

In ten minutes, I was out with my Canon 1000D in a taxi and zooming in accelerator-clutch crazy fashion towards Upper Thomson road. I arrived exactly at 5pm, only to find the restaurant still snoozing in its afternoon break (so its here when I went to Miss Clarity Cafe, Click here to read the article)

When I did go back in the evening, I must say that I did not make a wrong choice in thinking about Korean food.

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A Candied Onion Gratin For My Birthday Dinner!


The Gong has struck. I am now 20. Goodness! Who knew I would be hitting the second decade so soon? Yet, it is a moment of celebration, a moment of coming to terms that now it is perhaps time to be more professional in both outlook and perspective.

And it is on the 29th that I had to celebrate my birthday. Saturday was deemed to be taken up by secondary activities, but now that it has been cancelled, I can still go out and enjoy my “extended” revelry.

This year, I had my birthday dinner customized by Jonathan, head chef of Miss Clarity Cafe. All I need to do is quote a price for each person (I said $50), and he went to work his magic in the kitchen. Of course, this was pre-booked a week ago, but it is just the strangeness of expecting the unexpected in your very next dish that made tonight’s dinner all the more exciting.

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$2 Dim Sum. Hwa Nam Restaurant.


I have always wanted to go try out the dim sum stall along Thomson Road. And I made it a special point today to visit it after my morning exercise with my buddies. It was all planned out. Each person were to come out no more than $6, and we get to share all the food we ordered. Not too bad if you want to get your early morning fix for affordable dim sum.

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