A Labour of Love at The Baker’s Story


First, a very Happy Mothers’ Day to all moms out there! This momentous event, held annually on the 2nd Sunday of May in a number of countries around the world, recognizes the efforts and passion emplaced by all moms towards raising their children and family. It is a labour of love that cannot be easily replaced by any known account. And it is with passion that most efforts will be flavourful with a dose of good quality by the side.

Chef Eric Tan, owner and founder of The Baker’s Story, translates that same dedication into the cakes and desserts he makes. His signature, the original bestselling Cheese Brownie is a unique combination of sweet and savoury in balanced flavours. As a niche since 2004, The Baker’s Story now sees its second outlet at Tanjong Pagar. Wonderful news for all those who want a taste of the passion that goes into making good ol’ home fashioned desserts that is sparkled with a labour of love.

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Trattoria Nonna Lina Presents Your Passion Of Love


Nested in one of those quaint little spruced up shophouses along Tanjong Pagar is a warm, cozy little escape for hearty Italian cuisine served up by a husband and wife team at Trattoria Nonna Lina.


The restaurant, named after Chef Simone’s grandmother, represents the culinary delights of Tuscany – where delectable Italian fare with a strong emphasis on seafood is created. And for this Valentine’s day, the restaurant has a special one time promotion with the Menu di San Valentino. Simone crafted the unique menu as he believes that it captures the intense passion of his Italian heritage. With each dish promised to give that extra burst of romance in the meal and after, this is one Valentine’s day made memorable.

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Pavillion, Notes of the Contemporary Cantonese Cuisine along Craig Road

Singapore  is one city where many great food is left undiscovered, and hidden. Despite its small size, restaurants, cafes, and eateries are almost everywhere. Even in the quieter areas of Outram where most of the crowd are the executives in the area, this is my third take to the Neil Road-Tanjong Pagar area for another new discovery of cuisine masked behind the scenes. Its easy to miss the restaurant Pavillion if one were to simply drive past it. The nondescript entrance would not instantly attract attention, but if one were to take a step in, the first impression would be set with the traditional, classy drapes and decor that adorn the petite restaurant.


The outfit is traditionally Chinese, but the spy on a room full of stocked wines leaves a hint towards something extra. Decked in warm wood brown with tinges of red here and there, the restaurant does little to suggest very subtly on the cuisine it serves – full fledged Cantonese flair with a tinge of inspiration from Western ingredients, pairing, plating and serving. Not fully fusion, yet with that touch that makes it unmistakable of the marriage between culinary cultures. Pavillion, Notes of the Contemporary Cantonese Cuisine.

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Get away from the heat with servings of snow ice and fruity yoghurt at Frost Bites!


When it comes to desserts, I do love my sweet stuff. Why, even now I am very tempted to step into the kitchen and whip up a batch of cream puffs and eclairs even with no prior experience. And all this even with me munching away at Christmas cookies (ok fine, Christmas is not here yet, but who said you can’t eat the cookies early?)

But if you are in office near the CBD area, have a sweet tooth, and simply want to indulge in something frosty to the bite while escaping from the heat, a new Ice Dessert shop might just be your calling. Especially with all that lovely colourful fruits drizzled with milk ontop a pack of snow textured shaved ice, who wouldn’t be tempted?

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