Five Nines (999.99) reopens at Cuppage Plaza – delicious tapas; average $49 set menu!

I have always associated Cuppage Plaza as the haven for hidden, authentic Japanese izakayas that provide a certain escape from the bustling, general dining scene along Orchard Road. It is one of the places I would recommend if friends are keen to go out for a drink after work and have some Japanese otsumami as part of the unwind experience. Of course, some may find one of the many karaoke lounges with ladies waiting for guests in the corridors to be a much more appealing affair. To each his or her own, but the make up of mall tenants certainly create a unique atmosphere for those wanting a slightly different side of Singapore. Continue reading “Five Nines (999.99) reopens at Cuppage Plaza – delicious tapas; average $49 set menu!”

Honolulu Cafe: Are its Fabled Egg Tarts Worth The Visit?

Let’s not beat around the bush: Honolulu Café has an unfortunate reputation in Singapore. You would think that an established brand wouldn’t sink to such depths, but it didn’t take long for complaints to pour in about this Hong Kong establishment’s rude staff, mediocre milk tea, and perennially limited stocks.

What can establishments with poor reputations do, besides addressing customers’ complaints head-on? One way, of course, is to hire a PR firm and go on a charm offensive.

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Mak’s Noodles: Bigger and (kind of) Better

It is unfortunate that Mak’s Noodles has a poor reputation in Singapore. A simple online search reveals numerous complaints about the wonton noodle restaurant’s small portion sizes, salty noodles, and the perception that it provides little value for money. Its lacklustre reputation in Singapore is a far cry from its illustrious Michelin-starred roots in Hong Kong. But the situation in Singapore is not as dire as these online accounts would have you believe. Continue reading “Mak’s Noodles: Bigger and (kind of) Better”

Hokkaido Harvests at Mandarin Orchard’s Triple Three (19th – 30th Oct 16)


When I learnt that I wouldn’t be able to join my family on their Hokkaido vacation later this year, I was a little despondent. After all, I had grown up watching Japanese infotainment programs that featured Hokkaido’s food, culture, and sights, and it would have been a treat to finally visit Japan’s northernmost province. Yet life has a funny way of working out—this week, I savoured an array of Hokkaido dishes at Triple Three’s annual Hokkaido Harvests buffet (19th – 30th October 2016). While I was unable to make a like-for-like comparison with the food one would get in Hokkaido, Triple Three presented a compelling case for Japanese food lovers to try its buffet.

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