Sakae’s New Outlet At Orchard Central


Black Pepper Beef Yaki ($9.99)

*Happy Birthday!* My family and I celebrated my Aunty Eng’s birthday yesterday at the newly opened Sakae Sushi outlet at Orchard Central by indulging in a little lunch. (ok, based on the amount we ordered, I won’t say its little). My aunt wanted to whet her tastebuds at a wide variety of dishes which unfortunately she most probably would not have ordered given a “normal” visit to Sakae.

Out of the entire lunch, the most impressive dish that turned up would be the Black Pepper Beef Yaki. A concept similar to the Kaminabe (Paper hot pot), the yaki bore slices of beef marinated in a black pepper sauce placed in a gigantic leaf and cooked over a flame.

Yes, I said leaf. Who would imagine? For the dish itself, it carried a very well…beefy taste and the black pepper sauce was not that peppery or spicy. Easy on the palate but not as savoury as I expected.

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Hangari Galbi – A Hungrified Korean Traditional Bbq


Grilled Marinated Beef Short Ribs – Look at that smoke rise!

Hangari Galbi – Korean Traditional Barbecue, the name alone is enough to make anyone hungry. Primed at the top floor of Orchard Central, Hangari stands out the most for its two cute little mascots placed outstandingly at their doorway.

DSCF9193 DSCF9192

Beyond the doors lay a casual and simple Korean dining ambience, nothing too fancy but an attempt to make the area cozy enough for a family or groupie gathering. Prices are what really stands out the most in this restaurant, almost on the high end for a casual Korean restaurant. But if affordability is not an entire factor and you are craving for that portion of tender Grilled Beef, well maybe just start ordering their wide array of Grilling beef pieces available.

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