Wild Turtle Soup – Seriously, that’s just the shop’s name

DSCF5459 Wild Turtle Soup
Opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre
Address : 20 Jalan Tampang

Excellent, authentic herbal soup.A must try goes for the Ngoh Hiang.


Turtle Eggs – That’s a lot of yolk.

Honestly, I can’t comprehend the fact that in the past 2 months, my family has visited the same restaurant/shop/little shop/cafe for at 3 times just to savour the house’s Herbal Turtle Soup. And what’s more convenient is that the shop is just a stone’s throw away from my house in little Singapore.

The little abode of Wild Turtle Soup strikes anyone looking across the street with its obvious red signage and it is hard to miss. Just situated across Sembawang Shopping Centre, I believe anyone would find it easily.


Herbal Turtle Soup – Herby, Nourishing, Soft, Tender, Delicious.

These days, its getting harder and tougher to find Turtle Soup in Singapore. And that’s not to mention good quality Turtle Soup. So I must say that this shop serves up one of the best so far. If I am not wrong, my distant memory recalls another shop somewhere in Hong Lim Complex Hawker Centre but that is so long ago (precisely proving my point of this particular scarcity in the nation)

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Excellent Roti Prata and Thosai in the North!

DSCF5297 D’ Rubinah Restaurant
Thai Muslim & Seafood

592 Sembawang Road
Restaurant is located next to Caltex Petrol Station.

I simply love the paper prata, crispy, sweet and exceptionally delicious.


Butter and Sugar Thosai

Honestly, I have lived in the Northern part of Singapore for almost 10 years and never once did I discover and savour the excellent Roti Pratas and Thosais served at D’ Rubinah Restaurant.

Well, my conquest to discovery was nothing but a mere chance that after a magnificent dinner at Aston’s Specialties, I wanted to have dessert which was cheap yet good. Looking past the all popular Japanese Sweet Shop “Ministry of Food”, and the usual Kopitiam, my buddies and I went scouting the area around Sembawang Shopping Centre.

I don’t know how much we can eat but that sudden urge for Roti Pratas started to emerge. I have often noticed D’ Rubinah Restaurant and I do know they serve Pratas and Thosais, but never did I imagine it would be that good and almost comparable to the masters of the dish located in Little India and various parts of Singapore.

The order of Butter and Sugar Thosai proved that pancakes do go well with Indian spices and dips, Asian Style. I particularly enjoyed the crispy portions of the Thosai and once the butter and sugar kicked in, together with the all savoury Dahl, mmmm – Fabulous.

Butter and Sugar Thosai : $1.50 per pc    Rating :

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