Dig into the splendours of The Carvery at Park Hotel Alexandra!


With the sharp filament lights brightly illuminating the prime rib’s gorgeous roasted golden brown surface, it was perhaps a sure sign that this was a buffet well worth tucking into. The Carvery is Singapore’s latest buffet spread to whet the appetite of meat lovers. Located on the 7th floor the Park Hotel Alexandra (right next to Ikea Alexandra), the restaurant is placed right next to the pool and is blessed with a stunning view that is best enjoyed as the sun sets across the horizon.


The Carvery


The pool with a view. 


I’ve never seen such a stunning platter of Yorkshire pudding before. 


The buffet, though limited, is select. While it offers a token assortment of fresh seafood items such as prawns, mussels and oysters (dinners only), it does relatively well in its primary focus – the meats. The roast beef was done a good medium rare and the rotisserie chicken well seasoned. Although the pork knuckle was a touch dry, the generous spread of condiments and sauces are excellent complements to the plate. Go for the savoury beef jus, hearty truffle butter, anchovy butter, red wine jus or some Maldon sea salt.



The Roased Pork Knuckle


Rotisserie chicken


Roast beef

Of particular mention is the Roasted Prime Rib. Crisp on the surface and yet tender with a spritely amount of flavour and fat within, this was probably the piece de resistance for me. The prime rib was rubbed with salt and pepper, thereafter left to slow roast for a good eight hours till it achieves a rosy pink centre. Executive chef Robert makes it a point that the roasts for the day is highly dependent on the best meats prepared by the supplier. Therefore, while the lineup is bound to change, the restaurant implicitly assures that the meat’s quality will be what is the choicest for the day.  Look out for the Roasted Leg of Lamb to be paired with homemade mint sauce or Dijon mustard when it’s available.


Accompanying the spread of meats are sides such as roasted corn on a cob, roasted garlic, onions, tomatoes and beans. Those seeking something a little more will be pleased with the whole fillet of fish braised in cream or the simplicities of a decently-done woodfired pizza.  A pasta live station is also available for those seeking something done a la minute. Choose from options such as cream, tomato or aglio olio.


Roasted tomatoes


Corn on a cob




One of the cooks whipping up a serving of woodfired pizza.





My favourite cheese section 


To complete the meal, tuck in to some sweets such as Trifle, pudding, cakes and fruits. If you notice a chocolate mousse pudding with the name “Harry’s Choice”, yes it was a particular favourite of the late Mr. Lee Kuan Yew.

Generally, I loved the chocolate mousse and pudding but found the trifle to be a little too creamy and could do with a touch more sponge.


The buffet spread at The Carvery costs $38++ for lunch and up to $62++ for dinners that include the premium meats. While the spread may be a touch pricey, this is a buffet spread with quality that I’ll heartily recommend. Couple that with the stunning view by the poolside and what we have is a dinner that will leave one sated with fulfilling experiences. It is a buffet that I will make a return visit for.

Thank you Park Hotel Alexandra for the invitation.

The Carvery
Park Hotel Alexandra
323 Alexandra Road
Level 7
Singapore 159972
Reservations: 6828 8880
Opening Hours

Lunch : $38++
Dinner: $52++ (Sun – Thu) / $62++ (Fri and Sat)



The Joy Of Exquisite Unpretentious Cuisine At 1-ROCHESTER


Imagine sitting back in a very beautiful garden backdrop with the cool wind brushing against your skin, the ambient lighting of the sky itself creating the serene atmosphere, and then tucking yourself in to an exquisite form of unpretentious cuisine with no secrets for your tastebuds.

For that experience, we have ROAST @ 1-Rochester.

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Dreaming The Crispy Mingzhu Roll At Keng Eng Kee Seafood


I couldn’t resist ordering the recommended Salted Egg Yolk Crab (dry). But $37/kg(seasonal price) might seem a bit much.

When Michel noted that he wanted to go to Queensway, I once again whipped out the handy Streetdirectory website and checked out what stalls looked like it was of interest in the area. My stumble of Keng Eng Kee Seafood is a total coincidence and like a miner finding a diamond in a coal mine, this one serves up to be a very good Cze Char.


Mingzhu Roll – Salted Egg Yolk, Ham, Prawn, Mushrooms and Parsley wrapped  and deep fried in a dried beancurd skin

The Cze Char stall itself has a decent history of over 10 years and while snugly placed in a coffeeshop, the quality of dishes is rival to that of a good Chinese restaurant. Of course, with a cheaper price and unique handmade creations.

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Queensway Famous Curry Chicken. I Say This Is Good.


Queensway Famous Curry Chicken?

After today’s swim and gym, Michel had to head to Queensway Shopping Centre to scout the prices of some tennis rackets. There, he recommended the Curry Chicken which he claims to have been so addicted by it after the very first try months ago.

I found the the Curry Chicken to be sweet, savoury with the spark of spiciness and tastiness in a full flavoured broth of coconut milk. It is a little oily but also slightly thick in consistency. And it goes fabulously well with rice. For that fragrance, and a decent bowl of guilty pleasure, I say $3 is a well matched price.

The shop claims the curry chicken is famous in Queensway. Whether that is true, I leave it to you to decide.

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