Elixir Bar at Kuvo – Bespoke Cocktails Inspired Through Legends!

I guess many of us have walked down Orchard Road at some point in our lives, but I can safely say that if I ask my friends where Orchard Shopping Centre is, none of them will be able to tell me so.

In fact, many of us have walked past this building without noticing it. Perched above the intersection of Orchard and Grange Road, this old and sombre building opposite Cathay Cineleisure looks like a misfit amongst the modern and sleek buildings beside it. None of us actually knows what is inside, yet if you have the courage to walk in and teeter up an obscure escalator, you will find yourself in a place that screams huge contrast to the façade outside.

Meet Elixir Bar, a bespoke cocktail bar that sits within Kuvo, a multi-concept space that consists of a dining room that features a Chinese ala-carte buffet and Vine Lounge, a hideout for wine lovers. Helming Elixir Bar as its head mixologist is Vladyslav Buzko (or just Vlad, as his name tag suggests :p), a 25 year-old Ukrainian who relocated to Singapore just 6 months ago.

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Staycation in Comfort near Orchard Road at the Novotel on Stevens!

Novotel on Stevens is the latest AccorHotels addition to the hotel chain’s collection of properties in Singapore! Nestled within minutes from Singapore’s Orchard Road shopping district, and amidst the quieter neighbourhood of private houses and the Shangri-La, Novotel on Stevens promises business-class luxury in the heart of Singapore from S$140++ per night!

Also, the hotel is well-equipped with exercise facilities. From the decently-sized ‘infinity’ pool, to the more secluded ‘backyard’ pool, and the almost fully decked out Inbalance gym, this is one hotel that is perfect for the fitness enthusiast! Continue reading “Staycation in Comfort near Orchard Road at the Novotel on Stevens!”

Brotzeit launches snazzy, limited-time Karneval menu; Take up the half-meter sausage challenge!

Popular German restaurant bar chain Brotzeit will, for a limited-time only (16 January to 25 February 2018), launch a specially-curated Karneval menu across its outlets in Singapore. “Karneval”, a traditional German festival which usually marks the season before Lent, is a time when there is much joy, merriment and festivity. In Germany, circuses, social and political parodies are commonplace during this period. Once Ash Wednesday hits, Karneval ends, and the traditional season of fasting gets underway.

Although the street festivities back in Germany would feature food markets and stalls selling specialty craft beers, sausages, pretzels and the like, Brotzeit has decided that a special, additional menu is right for the season. On top of it all, there is also the Brotzeit Half-Meter Sausage Challenge! Pair up with a friend, and finish the entire half-meter of Brotzeit’s Deutsche Halbmeter Wurst, complete with sauerkraut and potato salad in a baguette, and have the sausage on the house! Of course, bragging rights are almost a guarantee if you are one of the few on the peak of glory and excellence in speed food-eating.

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The Return of the Penang Hawkers’ Fare Buffet at the York Hotel Singapore!

For a limited time only from December 15 2017 to January 1 2018, the White Rose Cafe at the York Hotel Singapore will be playing host to the chefs and culinary masters for the ever-popular Penang Hawkers’ Buffet! Priced from $29++ per person, this is probably one of the most affordable and indulgent local buffet spreads this festive season (yes, on Christmas day and the New Year)! Continue reading “The Return of the Penang Hawkers’ Fare Buffet at the York Hotel Singapore!”