Imagine lush green grass with Pique Nique, just imagine


Arranging for dinner dates with your classmates can sometimes be a hit and miss affair if you didn’t know where to go for the meal and traditional after-dinner dessert or drinks. Boy did I take things to chance by roaming around JCube looking for a suitable dinner place that was both well within the means of the majority with a relative nice ambience to chill and hang out. And I was pretty much excited when I walked past Pique Nique, the casual American cafe by Chef Pang of Antoinette fame. The eatery featured a snazzy chic interior that spoke volumes of aesthetic and fun lovingness all in a laid back setting. Probably the right place you want to be if you have a group of boisterous friends who need a little space and coolness, and maybe a little picnic down by the green.

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