Michelangelo’s Italian Dining, Flavour of Tradition!


Food afficandos will probably remember the establishment of fine dining Italian restaurant Michelangelo’s back in 1995. It has been a good 18 years with the food scene in Singapore changing rapidly since then. Perhaps now the idea of dining at Michelangelo’s is beyond that of an exclusive dining establishment but more one worth revisiting for memories and that old charm along Chip Bee Gardens. For a little bit of snazz with open air dining, this is Michelangelo’s – the restaurant with the imprint of traditions and nostalgia in the fine dining Italian restaurant scene.

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Thou shall be tempted with hearty vegetarian food at Original Sin


When I first heard of Original Sin, I immediately thought of what tempting pleasures awaited me. I later found out it was a Mediterranean vegetarian restaurant, and was made even more tempted when I expected a good hummus to appear. The name of the restaurant, opened way back in 1997, suggests many things. But the name is perhaps fitting for the original flavours. And what more with Valentine’s day just round the corner, dropping by could be you expressing it all to your date this romantic season.

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La Fromagerie – Tucking Into Cheese & Ham At Holland Village


Today has been a very wild day for me. Ok perhaps not so much so to the extent of non stop partying or rough-horsing, but rather it was my inaugural journey to Holland Village, in the blasted midday sun which sapped so much of my energy. But, while the feet are tired and the sole is weary, who would have guessed that I would have chanced upon a little shoppe with a glaring header, “Cheese Shop” And believe me, I was excited.

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Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao & Steamboat Buffet – Hungry?


Every 17th of July for the past 4 years, my Junior College class will gather and celebrate the class’s birthday. Aptly due to our own class being 17/07, this annual affair has been one where old friends meet to wine, dine and have fun together.

IMG_9082 IMG_9087

This year, we had our class’s birthday at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao restaurant at Holland Village. Whats exciting is that this restaurant features a Xiao Long Bao and Steamboat Buffet. So if you were one who goes after Xiao Long Baos, fresh steamboats with the classic hearty broths from Crystal Jade, this is like a Godsend.

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