Usher in the Year of the Water Dragon with the Pagoda of Eight Treasures!

Time really flies like a bumblebee the last year. Just last week it was Christmas, then the New Year and in another 20 days time, it is the Lunar New Year festivities. This year in 2012, the Chinese New Year will be ushering in the Water Dragon and in the line up for all reunion dinners and joyous gatherings, restaurants will be packed as usual with a whole line up of creative delights to welcome in prosperity, luck, happiness and good health!

Crystal Jade Dining In, the Fine Dining arm of the ubiquitous Chinese family dining restaurant will be throwing it’s doors open for this coming Chinese New Year with a twist and creativity from it’s traditional delicacies, and it comes in the name of Pagoda of Eight Treasures!

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Labrador Seafood, Tuck into Ocean Catches Right Under the Frangipani Tree

Labrador Park surely is a place for surprises. Apart from it hosting Secret Tunnels and War Relics within a now lush nature reserve, there is also room nearby for a seafood dining escapade, or if its to be a place to simply chill and be a minutes walk to the shoreline overlooking Sentosa island, then Labrador Seafood is the place to visit.

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With a vast unobstructed skyline, fresh air, and the cool breeze to greet gently, the restaurant is aptly located in exclusivity. Still, Labrador Seafood is a short 5 minutes drive in from Vivocity. And by exiting the restaurant towards the park, the tranquility of the seafront is hard to miss.


Just the quiet lapping of the waves, the rustling of the leaves in the trees, and maybe the occasional angler trying his luck. Its almost therapeutic. Choose to dine alfresco, and you might just get to sit under the Frangipani tree.

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Kimochi – Colour, Colourful Sushi


I have never really explored the sprawling corridors of Vivocity. And after sending my unfortunate HTC Snap for repair due to reasons which I shall not be obliged to mention (its too hurtful..sob sob), I was definitely in need for an afternoon snack. Of course, if you consider that afternoon would still include the time of 5.30pm and a set of maki plus a sandwich would equate to a snack.

I stumbled upon (no this is not a word play on the website Stumbleupon), but seriously I stumbled upon Kimochi. I honestly thought the name of the shop would do something with mochi, those devious little sweet rice ball desserts. But after witnessing the chalkboard menu and grazing through the a3 sized menu, Kimochi was more of a sandwich bar and sushi shop all combined in one. And the word Kimochi means feelings.

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Shin Kushiya, Truffles with Sea Urchin?


I was immensely pleased when I walked into Shin Kushiya. Heralding itself as a fine Kushiyaki (charcoal grilled meat) restaurant, it was difficult to not notice the waft of smoky fragrance and sizzling crispiness filling the atmosphere.


And apart from their Kushiyaki specialty, Shin Kushiya is also a concept of Japanese and fusion foods. How well could sea urchin, truffle oil and angel hair pasta go together? Well, Shin Kushiya has done it.

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