Fun is the Word at Jamie’s Italian Pizza and Prosecco Party!

The mind of a chef differs from the mind of one who merely dines. A diner can appreciate good taste when they encounter it. So can a chef, but intriguing flavours also instigate the gears of a chef’s mind to begin whirring. They wonder: how can I replicate this delicious meal in the kitchen? My mother, who has been cooking for my family since I was a baby, is such a person. She has recently become interested in making her own bread, and even tried her hand at making pizzas. So when I received an invitation to join a pizza-making party to learn how to make pizza from the fine chefs at Jamie’s Italian, I knew who my plus one should be. Continue reading “Fun is the Word at Jamie’s Italian Pizza and Prosecco Party!”

Mak’s Noodles: Bigger and (kind of) Better

It is unfortunate that Mak’s Noodles has a poor reputation in Singapore. A simple online search reveals numerous complaints about the wonton noodle restaurant’s small portion sizes, salty noodles, and the perception that it provides little value for money. Its lacklustre reputation in Singapore is a far cry from its illustrious Michelin-starred roots in Hong Kong. But the situation in Singapore is not as dire as these online accounts would have you believe. Continue reading “Mak’s Noodles: Bigger and (kind of) Better”

Eat, Drink and be Merry: Morganfield’s Christmas Menu 2016


I had dined once before at Morganfield’s, and I was a fan after that meal. The restaurant chain’s good music, Southern hospitality, and satisfying portions meant I was instantly a convert. I was therefore extremely excited when I was invited to the launch of their Christmas 2016 menu at their Star Vista outlet.

However, its Christmas 2016 menu is a mixed bag. On one hand, this Midwestern restaurant’s famed prime ribs held up to scrutiny, with meat that fell off the bones; on the other, it disappointed with one particularly poorly done dish and some wallet-unfriendly prices (especially if you have a huge appetite)!

Continue reading “Eat, Drink and be Merry: Morganfield’s Christmas Menu 2016”

Tuck In to Refreshed and Festive Choices at Jamie’s Italian!


As the year winds up to a close, diners at Jamie’s Italian will have the choice of a comfy mix of dishes featuring favourites from the regular (and recently refreshed) menu plus items meant just for the season. Available from now till year’s end, tuck in to a spread of Festive Antipasti, a choice of Mains, and the Dessert plank with drinks at $79++ per person (minimum 2 to dine). For a festive treat, the range of dishes are a visual dazzle, but at a price that borders close just for the experience. Still, with a smorgasbord of flavours (think hearty and sweet at the end) to sample around, this could be a great dinner to share with a loved one. Continue reading “Tuck In to Refreshed and Festive Choices at Jamie’s Italian!”