Xiang Zhi Xiang Rojak. Fragrant, Fresh, Crunchy.


Who knew Rojak could be such a divine cuisine? And when fresh ingredients, coupled with generous portions, together with a semi sweet and savoury 6A grade prawn paste, each plate whets the appetite for more. I was introduced to Xiang Zhi Xiang Rojak when mum showed me an article from My Paper. The writer Geoff Tan described the stall’s rojak in such a delicate and meticulous manner that it impressed unto me that I should savour it as well. And yes, I wasn’t disappointed!

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Teck Hin Beef House, where Tender & Soft Ginger and Scallion Beef Lives On


Ghim Moh, the very place is probably popular in any foodie’s mind for the presence of famous crabs and rojak, to duck rice and char kway teow harking long queues at the hawker centre. The whole estate itself is teaming with dots of good food here and there. One particular stall at the hawker centre has however caught my attention. As I walked past, it was hard not to be attracted by the rapid sizzling of beef being quickly stir fried with a good amount of sliced ginger, scallions and sauces, thereafter being topped on a generous serving of rice. Teck Hin Beef House, with its Ginger and Scallion Beef Rice, left me mesmerized as I witnessed the chef serving plates and plates to customers. Artfully attractive.

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