Michelin Starred Chef Carles Gaig Opens La Ventana at Dempsey Road!


Taste a slice of Barcelona in the heart of Singapore with famed Michelin starred Chef Carles Gaig’s cuisine at the La Ventana, Dempsey Road. For the first time out of Catalonia, Chef Carles will bring together an ensemble of traditional and family heirloom favourites to guests at his Singapore restaurant. Set in Dempsey Hill, the restaurant will feature an extensive Catalanian menu with items such as the famed Canelon whose recipe has been passed down since 1869. For Chef, this will be a presentation of his own style of cooking which connects the ingredients with the seasons, the city, the weather, and a touch of passion which has fueled his family’s culinary heritage for four generations now. Continue reading “Michelin Starred Chef Carles Gaig Opens La Ventana at Dempsey Road!”

Review : Pidgin at Dempsey Hill – Embark on an adventure of mod sin flavours!


Pidgin Kitchen & Bar, the latest face on Dempsey Hill, is that little unique place that deserves a closer look with each visit. Housed at the former Pamplemousse, the restaurant aims to bring about popular Southeast Asian dishes, western cooking techniques and a “wicked sense of imagination” into its repertoire. Old school favourites take a unique and surprising twist, making items like Chicken Rice Arancini and Bak Kwa Mac & Cheese a familiar yet unusual choice on the menu. Would modern Singaporean cuisine be right up your alley? Let’s see if you can fanthom tucking in to a savoury Tau Suan.

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Dine In A Different World At The White Rabbit!

Mention The White Rabbit and the first thing I would think about is the little fuzzy smart bunny from Alice in Wonderland. Now, after dining at The White Rabbit located along Harding Road within Dempsey Hill, another association has been added to the list.


Credits : The White Rabbit

Stationed past St’ George’s Church after Minden Road, The White Rabbit is housed in former Military Chapel which was built sometime in 1910. A 101 years later, here I was, sitting down having dinner in an atmosphere that resembles a sudden stop in time. Minus the air conditioning of course.


Depending on the entrance you take (and if its night time), you might be able to venture through the guided pathway into The Rabbit Hole, accessing The White Rabbit from there. Day and Night, are two totally different stories altogether.

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Don Quijote at Dempsey, Clap Your Hands for Fresh Spanish Seafood!

A little Spanish flare here and there, clap your hands twice and there you have it, some of the freshest best tasting seafood at Don Quijote. Celebrating its 1st year anniversary at Dempsey Hill and its 3rd year history in Singapore, Don Quijote brings Spanish Cuisine to your table, and now with the Market Seafood Menu where live Seafood is used for the dishes!


Located amongst the idyllic restaurants at Dempsey Hill, Don Quijote is hard to miss with its creative signage and landscaped alfresco sitting area.

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