Bread Yard – Homely Sandwiches & All Day Breakfast Made Awesome, At SUTD!


Talk about breakfast on a whim. Early this morning and slightly after midnight, Ming Ting and Jianyi called me to ask if I was keen to visit Bread Yard, the sandwiches & all-day breakfast at SUTD. Since the little cafe was just down Dover road and with a almost fanatical rave of how awesome it was, I dropped breakfast plans in college and joined the duo. Bread Yard is located on campus within SUTD. For those who live around the area, this makes one more breakfast option to the list. The deal is especially sweetened when you realise that the breads, baked in clay pots to simulate baking in a wood-fired oven, are especially delectable, wholesome and hearty. The dishes, generally affordable and well worth the value paid for makes the visit all the more worth it. Great for sandwiches and all day dining!

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Coocci Contemporary Japanese, Redefining Hawker Food at Commonwealth Crescent Market!


It is not everyday that you get to enjoy a good selection of restaurant grade delicacies at a hawker centre stall. Therefore when my friend Han Lim suggested that we make a trip down to Commonwealth Crescent Market for some delectable Japanese dishes at hawker centre prices, I was game for a visit. Coocci Contemporary Japanese is located at the food centre on the 2nd floor of the Commonwealth Crescent Market. Its presence amongst the rest of the hawker stores will definitely catch your attention. A grand total of 7 unique dishes are presented on the menu for diners to try, and with the prices for each ranging from $5-$7.50, it seemed almost a no brainer to order everything to share. And it’s great that most of them are well executed for the price.

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Bite into a delightful crunch at Western Wok!


It is absolutely delish whenever you take the first bite into a portion of chicken cutlet from a Western food stall and hear the delightful “crunch” that follows it. And as you slowly allow that bite to unravel its flavour in the mouth, it is joy to discover the layers of batter, fat and then tender meat all in a single sitting. With the multitude of hawker stalls out there seeking to distinguish itself and cater to the palates of its share of customers, lasting impressions have to sell. Out of the dishes I shared with my friends for lunch that day, this piece of Chicken Cutlet left a delectable imprint to start the holidays with.

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Daisy’s Dream Kitchen, Sotong Black & Babi Buah Keluak So Good…


It has been a very long time since I’ve come across excellent Peranakan food that would make me want to come back for more. Lunching at Daisy’s Kitchen really brought back memories of the dishes my family cooks from time to time, and I must say that I am really pleased to find a Buah Keluak dish that uses Spare Ribs as the main ingredient and not chicken. However, the real deal comes with Daisy’s awesome Black Ink Sotong. With a velvety alkaline ink sauce tinged with the flavours of sour assam, this is one dish that is a must order any time I visit the restaurant.

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