b @ rochester. Lush Modern Japanese Cuisine and Bar.

Rochester Park has a new addition to the collection of fine, escapist restaurants which are set in a world of their own. This time, b @ rochester, a contemporary restaurant and alfresco bar featuring clean cut modern Japanese cuisine with elements of Western and Chinese touches in it is set to attract guests looking for a comfortable personal restaurant to wind down the day in cool lush comfort.


Elegant, clean contemporary setting with a semblance of warmth and peacefulness

Set in an exquisite bungalow and surrounded by peaceful greenery, b @ rochester offers a laidback setting with a mix of nostalgia, and a certain element of elegance the moment one steps in.

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1 Caramel at Rochester Park – All Day Brunch Dining with a Sweet Ending

The brand 1-Caramel simply speaks everything of sweet nothings whispering in your ear. With a name that suggest pure decadence, it comes as no surprise that the cafe and sweet patisserie is also a place for Brunch everyday, all day. Items range from the rustic traditional Big Breakfast Platter which comes with poached,scrambled or fried eggs with German sausage, bacon, roast tomato, baked beans, spinach, fries and toasted country bread to a slightly more sandwich treat, the 1-Caramel Cheeseburger.

 IMG_1884 IMG_1913 IMG_1915 IMG_1897

Formerly located at Handy, 1-Caramel is now located at the 2nd floor of its bungalow style restaurant, 1-Rochester at Rochester Park. And amidst the lush foliage surrounding the compound together with the overlooking view from the balcony above, 1-Caramel gives a private yet delightful escape to a land of the savoury, the tasty, and the sugar.

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