The Gourmet Bakery – iBake


If you are in the craving for gourmet bread and fine pastry creations, iBake at the Star Vista is one more option available for those who live in the western part of Singapore. A Prima Bakery Cafe, iBake produces “freshly baked premium gourmet-quality” breads, pastries and sandwiches each day for those addicted to a good serving of that chewy, sweet dough. Craving already?

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Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice, Vanishing Boneless Braised Duck at South Buona Vista Road


When the news published word that Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice was due to close in another few months, it sparked a social media frenzy on my Facebook newsfeed. A dinner outing was soon organized, with everyone tempted to tuck in to some fabulous and well hyped up duck. The dinner was finally planned on the last day of the school before the exams began, and it will probably be the only time before another break is in sight again. Lim Seng Lee Duck Rice is located off South Buona Vista Road, and is walking distance from Haw Par Villa MRT Station. A trip well worth it, if you do love braised duck at a price. Especially when its going to disappear after 45 years.

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BORNGA, Korea just got a bit closer!


Bornga is Korea’s leading chain for authentic BBQ. With sizzling meats ready to grill, and a host of Korean dishes to share, the country and its flavours is arguably a step closer to Singapore. Located at the newly opened Star Vista, Bornga is the brainchild of Jong Won Paik, one of Korea’s most successful and renowned celebrity chefs. With Valentine’s day just round the corner, this could possibly be one place to think about if you and your partner love Korean barbecue in a streamlined class setting with tasty meats all around.

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Rejoice with Stella Artois fresh from the tap at District 10!


The Star Vista at Buona Vista is certainly attracting lots of novel restaurants. For a round of delightful tapas, pizzas, and drinks to wind the night away, District 10 Bar Tapas Restaurant is proud to present their next expansion at this classy food haven. When it comes to mouthwater Portobello Mushroom with Truffle Oil thin crust pizza, and $5 draught Stella Artois every Monday, this is probably gonna be my next hangout for food, fun and the basic idea of, chill.

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