A Labour of Love at The Baker’s Story


First, a very Happy Mothers’ Day to all moms out there! This momentous event, held annually on the 2nd Sunday of May in a number of countries around the world, recognizes the efforts and passion emplaced by all moms towards raising their children and family. It is a labour of love that cannot be easily replaced by any known account. And it is with passion that most efforts will be flavourful with a dose of good quality by the side.

Chef Eric Tan, owner and founder of The Baker’s Story, translates that same dedication into the cakes and desserts he makes. His signature, the original bestselling Cheese Brownie is a unique combination of sweet and savoury in balanced flavours. As a niche since 2004, The Baker’s Story now sees its second outlet at Tanjong Pagar. Wonderful news for all those who want a taste of the passion that goes into making good ol’ home fashioned desserts that is sparkled with a labour of love.

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Ming Kee Chicken Rice, A Flawless Meaty Adventure


I can’t believe I actually queued for 25minutes for a plate of chicken rice! Ok fine, while my queue at Ippudo Ramen was slightly longer (at about 45 minutes), this is still after all chicken rice, at a coffeeshop.

But if you follow the old adage that all good things come with a wait, then it is most certain that this particular dish whipped up by the stall (Bugis St) Ming Kee Chicken Rice is well worth it.

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