Rasapura Masters – The Iconic Marina Bay Sands Singapore Food Court


Singapore’s modern cultural food heritage is perhaps the ubiquitous food centre where stalls featuring cuisines of all kinds are blended together. From the local favourites of Hainanese Chicken Rice, to the definite Char Kway Teow stall, or as I discovered yesterday at Rasapura Masters, Marina Bay Sands, regional favourites like Thai Mango Salad and even Phillipino cuisine of Grilled squid and pork belly, the food court is like a gigantic cauldron of varying tastes and delight. Continue reading “Rasapura Masters – The Iconic Marina Bay Sands Singapore Food Court”

Tambuah Mas, A HomeStyle Indonesian Restaurant


Bring on the Tahu Telor

I was searching the StreetDirectory website for places to eat around City Hall, and just by my crave for Chinese food I decided upon Putien at Marina Square. But chance as it is chance, I was to linger towards the food street alongside the exterior perimeter of the mall on the 2nd floor. And that was where I saw Tambuah Mas. The restaurant has been serving up authentic homestyle Indonesian Cuisine for over 25 years now. Of course the attractive poster of Tahu Telor also made my stomach beg to go in.


I enjoyed the cuisine at Tambuah Mas. There was a good mix of flavourful dishes, enticingly sweet platters and savoury creations. What stood out the most for me were the Ikan Pepes (Sea Bass Otah), Es Avokat and Es Teler (avocado and jackfruit desserts respectively).

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